DGL2510QR720 – RedBack Electronic Digital 25% Grade Laser with Smart Remote H & MM Receiver

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RedBack Lasers DGL2510QR720 is an electronic auto levelling rotating laser level with Dual Digital Grade with up to 25% Grade Laser.  Ideal for earthmoving, mining and civil construction.  Included is a heavy duty millimeter display receiver with dual LCD display and staff clamp, smart remote control, rechargeable batteries and charger and hard shell carry case.  more details and videos below.

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Product description

The DGL2510QR720 is an electronic digital 25% Grade Laser with MM display Receiver.

The RedBack Lasers DGL2510QR720 25% Grade Laser is fully electronic self levelling and features dual digital grade setting either from its control panel or radio frequency Smart Remote. DGL2510QR720 can set up to a 25% grade on one axis and 10% on the other and grades can be set to 3 decimal places.  The sophisticated mechanism will even re-level and re-set grade automatically if disturbed or you can select TILT to warn of any major knocks or vibrations.

The DGL2510QR720 also features V-W-S vibration and Wind Settings, during high winds or on side with heavy machinery the laser may stop to re-level frequently to save time select V-W-S and the laser will continue rotating whilst making these small adjustments.

RedBack Lasers DGL2510QR720 comes with a Smart Remote with LCD display, the remote can control nearly all the facets of the laser level but is particularly handy for setting grades when you have the laser high in the air (using HDET 3m Tripod).  The DGL2510QR720 comes with LR720 heavy duty double LCD millimeter display receiver (showing distance from level +/-45mm), Li-ion rechargeable batteries and charger, Axis alignment scope and a hard shell carry case.  It has everything you need as standard in the kit.

The DGL2510QR720 is ideal for serious grade setting in mining, earthmoving and civil construction.

The RedBack DGL2510QR720 comes with a 5 Year manufacturers warranty.

  • Electronic Self Levelling
  • Horizontal Rotation for Levelling
  • Digital Dual Grade Setting
  • Smart Remote Control
  • V-W-S and TILT modes
  • Internal cast metal Safety Cage
  • Direct Drive Rotation
  • INCLUDES Li-ion Rechargeable Battery & Charger also Std “D” cell Battery Operation
  • LR720 Dual Millimeter Display Receiver
  • Axis Alignment Scope
  • Axis Adjustment plate
  • 5 Year RedBack Warranty
All RedBack Laser Levels have been Checked and Calibrated in Australia and come with a FREE certificate of calibration.



  • Range – 600m diameter using LR715 receiver
  • Accuracy – +/- 1mm at 20m
  • Grade – Dual Axis +/- 10.000% X axis, 25.000% Y axis
  • Laser Class – class 3 <5mW 635-670nm red
  • Water Dust Resistance – IP66
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Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions40 × 51 × 29 cm


Brochure PDF can be viewed, printed and downloaded HERE

Instruction PDF can be viewed, printed and downloaded HERE

Additional LR720 millimeter receiver instruction PDF can be viewed, printed and downloaded HERE



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