Laser Receivers – Hand Held/ Staff Mounted

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RedBack Lasers have a range of electronic laser receivers.  Its important to match the right type of receiver with the type of laser you are using.

Receivers for Rotating Lasers

So for a Rotating laser you need a rotating receiver, also check to see if you have a red or green laser.  Some rotating laser receivers will do both red and green others you need to buy the correct one.

Receivers for Line Lasers

For a line laser receiver to work your line laser needs to have pulse mode, if your laser does not have pulse mode then a receiver will not work.  Red Line Receivers work with red beam but green is a little more complex in that there are two types of green line laser, so its probably best to call first to make sure you are purchasing the right green line receiver. Call 1800 769 858.

LR700 LR710 LR715 LRG715 LR720 LLR705 LRMULTI
Rotating Red Beam - Basic LED Display Rotating Red Beam - Single LCD Display Rotating Red Beam - Dual LCD Display - Rubberised Casing Rotating Green Beam - Dual LCD Display - Rubberised Casing Rotating Red & Green Beam - mm Readout - Dual LCD Display - Rubberised Casing Line Laser Red Beam or Green Beam*- LCD Display Line & Rotating Laser Red Beam - LCD Display

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