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RedBack Lasers have a wide range of laser levels from Dot Lasers, Line Lasers, Rotating Lasers and Grade Lasers.  Dot Lasers often get overlooked, but, in some applications the dot laser can be a better option.  Available as a 2 way point dot plumb laser, a 3 way point dot and 5 way laser dot models.

Dot Lasers supply all their power to a dot which, consequently, can make it stand out far more than a line or rotating laser beam.  RedBack Dot Laser range are built extremely tough and a physically small and come with an automatic 2 year warranty.

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Sometimes Dot Lasers are Best

Dot lasers provide the best possible visible experience, producing bright crisp laser dots for interior fit out and instillation applications.  The Green beam versions provides the maximum visible range and can even be seen outside.

RedBack’s D27 range of lasers are self levelling and well built with rubberised casings.  All models come with a magnetic base which also allows attachment to both 1/4″ and 5/8″ tripods.  Pendulum lock ensures retention of calibration when laser is not in use.

D272 red and green models provides plumb up and down and are ideal for electrical and other fit out jobs when transcribing points from floor to ceiling is required.

D273 red and green models in addition provides a level dot for levelling, and so handy for window and garage door installation,

D275R (red only) provides in additional two more horizontal dots at right angles to the center horizontal dot.  Making this model handy for squaring kitchens, internal walls and much more.

All models have a RedBack Lasers two year automatic warranty and come in a compact hard shell carry case.

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$239.00 inc GST
$299.00 inc GST
$269.00 inc GST
$389.00 inc GST
$299.00 inc GST
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Plumb Up & Down Dots
Levelling Horizontal Dot
Two More Horizontal Dots for 90° Square
Number of Laser Dots
2 2 3 3 5
Laser Diagram
Auto Levelling, Pendulum Lock, Magnetic Base, Laser Target, Hard Carry Case - All Standard
Laser Colour standard Red or Ultra Bright Green
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