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Laser Level Definitions & Questions

Some popular questions and definitions on laser level and laser levels Here are some popular laser level questions answered and definitions. What is a laser level? A laser level is a tool for levelling ground or an object utilising a …
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Green Line Laser & Green Beam Multi Line Lasers

Green Line Laser & Green Beam Multi Line Lasers So, you are looking at buying a green line laser or green beam multi line laser.  But, what is the difference between Red & Green Lasers?  Also what other features do …
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Grade Slope Converter App ios Apple App Store

Grade Conversion App for iOS iPhone/iPad

Grade Conversion – Convert Grade from Ratio, Percentage and Degrees. This is a handy little Grade Conversion App available for iPhones and iPads ideal for anyone who sets Grades or Slopes.  The Handy Grade Converter quickly convert between the 3 …
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Sometimes a Dot Laser is better than a Line Laser

When buying a laser for internal fit out you have a choice of either line lasers or dot lasers.  So which style of laser is best for you? Before getting stuck into this a little further another choice may be …
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Top 5 Laser Level Questions FAQ

Laser Level Questions and FAQ Over the years we have had literally thousands of laser level questions, so here are 5 of the most popular. So here we go in no particular order, your laser level questions answered. Can I …
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Rotating Laser Buying Guide

Buying a Rotating Laser Buying a Rotating Laser? So you know you need a rotating laser, but which one to go for?  Check out the table at end of post. There are two main criteria to consider here; Firstly what …
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