Digital Grade Laser Levels


DGL1010VS DGL1010GM DGL2510Q DGL2510QR720


$2,199.00 inc GST
$2,599.00 inc GST
$2,749.00 inc GST
$2,999.00 inc GST
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Scan Lines
(increased visiblility indoors)
Vertical Electronic Levelling
(for site layouts an alignment)
Digital Auto Grade Match
Millimeter Display Receiver
(upgraded to the LR720 millimeter receiver)
Quadrant Shielding
Horizontal Electronic Levelling, TILT & V-W-S Vibration settings, Dual Sided Receiver, Axis Scope, Li-ion Battery & Charger, 5 Year Warranty - All Standard
Dual Dial A Grade
10% X&Y
10% X&Y
10%X 25%Y
10%X 25%Y

RedBack Lasers Digital Grade rotating lasers are the ideal tool when setting grades day in day out.  Grades are set by simply entering the grade as a percentage to three decimal places.  Enter grades for one or both axis with either the rf smart remote or lasers keypad.

Each of these models features a full cast metal internal chassis for strength and reliability and a heavy duty rubberised casing.

All models come as standard with superior Li-ion rechargeable battery but can also run on standard “D” cells if required.

All these RedBack Laser models come with an axis alignment scope and fine adjustment plates for accuracy.

Some models come with a millimeter display receiver.  The display shows exactly how much the laser is above or below the level bar up to +/- 45mm.

As with RedBack Lasers other electronic levelling rotating lasers these models come with an automatic 5 Year Warranty.

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Digital Grade setting as a percentage to three decimal places using the radio frequency remote control or keypad
RedBack Laser's Full cast metal Safety Cage technology providing a fully protected levelling mechanism making these lasers some of the most robust on the market.
Upgrade to a millimeter display receiver. The LR720 millimeter display receiver provides a millimeter readout of how much above or below the laser plane the receiver is and so making many levelling tasks that bit easier and quicker. The LR720 receiver also has the ability to set a custom position as the level point. In addition the large 110mm reception window is nearly double that of a regular receiver.
Five Year Warranty is standard on all these models. Its an automatic warranty so no registration is required just proof of purchase. Some brands force you to register and if you forget you get a reduced warranty with RedBack Lasers its an automatic five year warranty.