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Laser Level Definitions & Questions

Some popular questions and definitions on laser level and laser levels Here are some popular laser level questions answered and definitions. What is a laser level? A laser level is a tool for levelling ground or an object utilising a …
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RedBack 3L360R 3L360G Ultra Bright laser levels 360 3D Multi Line Laser

Green Line Laser & Green Beam Multi Line Lasers

Green Line Laser & Green Beam Multi Line Lasers So, you are looking at buying a green line laser or green beam multi line laser.  But, what is the difference between Red & Green Lasers?  Also what other features do …
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The Ultimate Green Beam Rotating Laser with Auto Tracking Grade Match to millimeter receiver GREEN624GM by RedBack Lasers

New Auto Tracking Grade Laser in Green Beam GREEN624GM

RedBack Lasers have introduced the NEW GREEN624GM Auto Tracking Laser in Green Beam with a Class 3r output.  This model provides greater indoor visibility compared to its red beam counterpart, the EGL624GM. What is Auto Tracking Grade Match? As with …
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Grade Slope Converter App ios Apple App Store

Grade Conversion App for iOS iPhone/iPad

Grade Conversion – Convert Grade from Ratio, Percentage and Degrees. This is a handy little Grade Conversion App available for iPhones and iPads ideal for anyone who sets Grades or Slopes.  The Handy Grade Converter quickly convert between the 3 …
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RedBack Lasers D275R 5 dot 5 way 5 point laser level auto levelling Bosch Imex

Sometimes a Dot Laser is better than a Line Laser

When buying a laser for internal fit out you have a choice of either line lasers or dot lasers.  So which style of laser is best for you? Before getting stuck into this a little further another choice may be …
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RedBack Lasers PL650 & PL650G pipe laser with new clearer LCD display & Set Grade from Remote

2018 Update to RedBack Lasers Pipe Laser Range

RedBack Lasers super tough pipe laser models have an update The updated pipe laser models now feature a super clear display with larger numerals for grade.  Also improved is the clarity of the battery capacity icon and position of laser …
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