Rotary Laser Levels

Rotary laser levels or rotating laser levels have a wide range of applications for both indoor and outdoor use.

These rotary lasers produce a a laser dot that sweeps across your work site providing a level reference for your work.  Outdoors you use the included laser receiver to pick up the laser dot.  On larger sites you can use Machine Receivers to mark earth moving and drainage far quicker than with a hand held receiver.

Rotating lasers can be used indoors either with a receive or visibly.  For most flexibility indoors you will want to have a rotary laser with scan line modes and vertical as well as horizontal operation.

Some of these laser feature grade setting modes.  There are 3 main ways laser can set grades;

Manual Grade Match

Grade are set with the use of a remote control which you use to manually slope up or down the height the laser beam on a selected axis.  Measure out a distance from where the laser is to where you are standing with the receiver on a staff.  Find level, then move the receiver up or down the required amount for the grade your want.  Finally use the remote to slope the beam to the receivers’s new height.

Digital Grade

Ideal for large earthworks and where you are setting grade day in and day out.  To set grade simply enter the percentage grade you need on the laser or remote for the axis you wish and the laser does the rest.

Automatic Grade Match with Tracking

With tracking lasers and receivers the grade is set by setting up the receiver at the height you require.  The pressing a button on the  receiver along the desired axis the laser will slope up or down and hunt for the receiver and lock on to match that grade.

What ever your looking for there is RedBack rotary laser to fit your needs.  Call one of our experts at 1800 769 858 for advice on which laser is best for you.  RedBack Lasers have over 17 years experience in supplying lasers to the building industry.

All lasers have been checked and calibrated by our expert technicians and come with a free certificate of calibration. We also provide complete repair and calibration services for a wide range of laser brands including RedBack, Topcon, Leica, Geo Fennel, Spectra, Imex and more.

Our full range of laser levels is available for purchase online and we offer express delivery Australia-wide. You can also find RedBack lasers in good tool shops across Australia.

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