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These Rotating laser levels all feature a grade or slope setting function allowing the user to set the laser to provide a constant gradient.  These lasers are ideal for General Builders, Plumbers, Earthmovers, and Landscapers.

These lasers can set grades in a number of ways depending on the specific feature of the individual laser level.

Manual Grade

Manual Grade Setting is where, with the use of a remote control, you can slope up or down the plane of the beam on one or both of its axis.

Digital Grade

Digital Grade Setting is where you can input the percentage grade required directly into the level.  The laser then automatically sets the desired slope on the selected axis.

Auto Grade Match Tracking

Auto Grade Match Tracking is a feature by RedBack lasers where you can set the height of the receiver and have the laser auto slope up or down tracking to the height of the receiver and locking on.

Some RedBack Grade Lasers feature one or more method of setting the slope or grade.  Note all manual grade models by RedBack Lasers utilise an included remote control allowing single person grade setting.  Some brands with a grade/ slope feature need two people to operate e.g. Topcon RL-H5A.

All RedBack laser featured have a dual axis capability which allows setting a slope on one or both axis simultaneously.

Note that all RedBack Lasers in this group include rechargeable batteries and charger as standard.  Also included in all these models is a laser receiver and staff clamp.  All these lasers also come with a certificate of calibration and 5 year warranty.

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