LR720T – RedBack Millimeter display Tracking Receiver for Redback Grade Match Lasers

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The RedBack LR720T millimeter Tracking Receiver is designed for Redback’s Tracking Grade Match Lasers; EL614GM, EGL624GM, GREEN624GM and DGL1010GM. Comes with Staff Clamp and Battery.

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Product description

Millimeter Display Tracking Receiver

COMPATABLE with RedBack Tracking Grade Match Lasers EL614GM, EGL624GM, GREEN624GM, DGL1010GM

The RedBack Lasers LR720T is a heavy duty Millimeter Display Receiver for both RED and GREEN rotating laser levels.  The LR720T features a millimeter display and extended 100mm reception window, dual LCD back lit displays and three LED displays.  This receiver is has a automatic tracking feature utilising radio communication with RedBack’s Grade Match Tracking Lasers.  The tracking feature will only work with the following RedBack Models; EL614GM, EGL624GM, GREEN624GM and DGL1010GM.

If you just need a regular millimeter display receiver check out the LR720 HERE.

The RedBack LR720T provides a millimeter reading of up to 45mm above and 45mm below the level point and counts down the millimeters as you get closer to level.  You can also set a custom zero point based on the existing position of the laser beam if you wish.

The LR720T has 3 accuracy settings for level +/-1mm, 5mm and 9mm level bands.  This receiver comes with a heavy duty staff clamp and also has magnets built into the casing for mounting on steel work etc.

One of the biggest advantages of this Millimeter Receiver over a standard one is when performing coarse levelling tasks.  For example, If all you need is to be within 20mm (+/- 10mm) of level then just keep an eye on the reading and make sure it never hits 11mm either above or below.

The LR720T is powered by 4 “AA” batteries which are included when you purchase this receiver.

The RedBack LR720 is suitable for most visible rotating lasers and picks up both Red & Green.

Looking for a replacement Staff Clamp for the LR720T?  You can find that HERE


RedBack Lasers service department also service and calibrate the following brands when possible; Topcon, Leica, Rugby, Geo Fennel, Spectra, Imex, Powerline, Tuf, Bosch, Dewalt, Laser Tec, General, Hilti, PLS, Fukuda, aLIne, Bince, Stabila, Stanley, sokkia, Bear, Apache

Additional information

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Dimensions25 × 12 × 7 cm


Instruction PDF can be viewed, printed and downloaded HERE



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