LLRMM30 – Laser Ranging Line Receiver with Millimeter Display & Laser Distance Measure from RedBack Lasers

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RedBack LLRMM30 Line Receiver with Millimeter display.  Features inbuilt laser range finder distance measure which can be used on its own or in combination with receiving a pulsed line laser to provide automatic height from ground.  Can also be used for height to ceiling when used upside down.  Suitable for any Red pulsed line laser and most pulsed Green line lasers.

Ideal for use with RedBack 3L360R, 3L360G, CX510 and more.

If you are looking for a millimeter rotating laser receiver check out the LR720 HERE

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Product description

Laser Ranging Line Receiver with Millimeter Display

The RedBack LLRMM30 laser ranging line millimeter receiver is designed for Red and most Green Line lasers with Pulse mode.  Such as the RedBack 3L360R, 3L360G, CX510 and others.

The RedBack LLRMM30 picks up pulsed laser lines the same as other line receivers, however, this model will display how many millimeters above or below the receiver is.  The LLRMM30 displays up to 25mm above and below level and beyond indicatouts out of this range.  Millimeter receivers are ideal not only for fine accuracy but also when wanting to roughly level or align to a wider tolerance.

The LLRMM30 is not just a millimeter line receiver it is also has a built in laser distance measure or range finder.  This laser distance meter can be used independantly to the receiver features and so operate like other stand alone laser measures.  Features include Surface Area, Volume, Pythagoras indirect height and more.  The powerfull feature of the LLRMM30 is that you can use the laser distance measure in conjunction with laser reception.  For example you can find the level and the reciever can automatically measure the distance from that height.  This can be either the ground or when held upside down the ceiling in internal environments.

This ranging line millimeter receiver is compatible with all pused red laser lines and most green pulsed laser lines.  It cannot be used with a rotating laser.  To find a Millimeter display rotating receiver try the LR720 HERE

Includes line millimeter receiver / range finder, staff clamp, instructions and batteries.


  • Laser Reception Distance – 30M or more depending on laser used
  • Detecting Accuracy – Fine 1mm, Coarse 3mm
  • Laser Distance Measure Range – up to 30M
  • Range Finder Accuracy – +/-2mm
  • Laser Distance Measure –  Class 2 red
  • Power 3x “AA”
  • Battery life – 25 hrs (Alkaline)
  • Warranty – 12 Months





LLRMM30 Line Receiver with Range Instructions HERE


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