Auto TRACK for Line Lasers AT1 – Motorised base, Two Way Receiver for easy alignment

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The Auto TRACK is designed to make vertical laser line alignment and square  as easy as possible.  Featuring an auto tracking line receiver that communicate to the motorised base unit.  The kit operates with any Red or Green beam line laser with either a 5/8″ survey thread or 1/4″ camera thread mount.  For best results the laser needs to have its plumb point central to the mount and feature pulse/receiver mode to operate with the auto TRACK receiver.

Suggested Lasers to use with the AUTO TRACK


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Product description

AT1 Auto TRACK for Line Lasers

The Auto TRACK for Line Lasers is a kit designed to add to a line laser you already owned to make it auto tracking for easy vertical alignment and square.

The Auto Track base unit features a motorised rotation base which can be operated automatically with the tracking line receiver.  The kit comes with two thread adapters to make it possible to mount most line laser levels.  The idea of this kit is to make vertical alignment and site squaring an easy one person operation.

auto TRACK for line lasers for easy alignment with motorized base

Designed for any line laser both Red and Green laser beam with either a 5/8″ survey thread or 1/4″ camera thread.  Ideally the laser should have the vertical laser line emit from the central axis of the laser level.  The Auto track can still be used with verticals not centrally located such as the 3L360 range from Redback.  With a Multi Line laser the plumb axis should be central to the tripod thread on the unit.  Note to use the auto tracking features your laser needs to have pulse/receiver mode.  See example of the style of laser this device is suited too.



Auto Tracking using Receiver supplied with the Auto TRACK kit

Place the laser on the base unit and set the laser into pulse mode.  Place the receiver on its side at the target location.  line up the yellow vertical line to the precise point you want to align the laser to.  With a few simple presses of buttons on the receiver the motorised base will rotate auto tracking to the location of the receiver.  Once the receiver picks up the laser line it will communicate with the base unit.  When perfectly aligned it will lock on to this position.

If you are using a multi line laser with verticals at 90 degrees to each other you also have can simply produce a site square for layout.

The supplied receiver will operate with all red pulsed line lasers and most green pulsed lasers.  This system can be used for both indoor applications and outside.

auto TRACK tracking receiver for line lasers red and green

Note: RedBack lasers have a laser mounted directly onto this style of motorised base and comes with the same tracking receiver the RedBack CX510SS HERE

The Auto TRACK comes with the following;

  • Motorised Base Unit
  • Tracking Line Receiver for Red/Green Pulsed Lasers
  • 2 adapter threads for 5/8″ and 1/4″ laser mounts
  • TWO year warranty


Accessories featured in photos or video may be OPTIONAL, at an extra cost. Specifications may change without notice.

An ideal companion laser level for this Auto Tracking base is the XLG44 HERE


RedBack Lasers service department also service and calibrate the following brands when possible; Topcon RL-H5B, Leica, Rugby, Geo Fennel, Spectra, Imex, Powerline, Spot on, Tuf, Bosch, Dewalt, Laser Tec, General, Hilti, PLS, Fukuda, Stabila, Stanley, sokkia,

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions22 × 22 × 22 cm


AT1 Auto Tracking Base Instructions HERE


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