RedBack Lasers Digital Level Tool

Features of the RedBack DL1200 Level

The RedBack Digital Level 1200 DL1200 1.2m level sports a large LCD display that swivels and illumination making it easy to read at all angles.  When sound is enabled the level will beep when close to level (or custom zero) as you get closer to level the speed of beeps gets quicker.  On level the DL1200 Digital Level emits a solid tone.

This levelling tool features smart display modes.  The default display is in degrees, but can be toggled to the following; Percentage for slope or fall, Inches over Feet (either fraction or decimal) and finally mm over meters.

The level boasts advanced features such as custom zero and hold.  Custom zero allows you to set any angle by pressing a button, from then on when the display will sound off and show as level at this point.  Hold allows you to press a button to freeze the displayed angle at that point in time.  This is handy for when you need to get a reading but are not able to see the display. For example, over your head or in a hard to reach position.

The DL1200 digital level 1200 also features a handy grab handle and rubberised ends to protect it from knocks and drops.  The Level comes complete with a protective padded carry case and 3x “AAA” batteries.

The the RedBack DL1200 Digital Spirit Level can be easily self calibrated in seconds, with no special equipment required.  Simply select calibration mode and place on any flat but not necessarily level surface.  Press the calibration button and rotate 180 degrees on the same surface, press the button again and your done.  Check by doing a 180 degree test.

Also available as a 600mm version RedBack Lasers DL600 HERE



Angle Range: 4x 90°
Accuracy: 0.1° in first 10°
Vial Accuracy: 30′ /2mm
Power: 3x”AAA”

Weight3 kg
Dimensions122 × 8 × 6 cm


Instruction PDF can be viewed, printed and downloaded HERE


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DL1200 - RedBack Digital Level 1200 mm Inclinometer DL1200 - RedBack Digital Level 1200 mm Inclinometer
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