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Farway – Box Digital Inclinometer Angle Finder Measure with lasers

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Digital Inclinometer angle finder with large LCD display and multiple functions.  magnetic cast casing and dual laser lines are great for a basic laser level.  Ideal tool for around the home or on the worksite, accurate to 0.2 degrees and self-calibration.  Features include percentage or degrees readout, HOLD function, and Custome zero or REF mode.  Powered by internal li-ion rechargeable battery which can conveniently charge from any USB charger or device.  kit includes charging cable, metal wall plate, re-usable sticky pad, and instruction booklet.

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FREE regular Postage/Freight for all purchases sent to the Australian Mainland and Tasmania*Questions! Call 1800 769 858

Product description

Box Digital Inclinometer Angle Finder Measure with Lasers

The Farway digital inclinometer and angle finder is a well-made digital level with cast metal casing and internal Li-ion rechargeable battery.  The inclinometer features a large easy to read LCD display and magnetised cast casing.  In addition, the Farway includes two laser lines allowing the unit to be used as a simple laser level for walls.

Features of the Inclinometer angle finder

The inclinometer can display either in degrees or percentage grade, this is controlled by the right-hand top button.  Each of the three buttons has a dual function.  The first button powers up the digital measure with a short press, subsequent presses toggle through powering on the left laser, right laser, and both lasers.  To power down the device long press for 3 seconds and everything turns off.

Digital angle finder degrees or percentage

The center button again has two functions.  A short press activates REF (reference mode) and a long press enters re-calibration mode.  The REF feature allows you to have the digital inclinometer display 0 at any angle of your choosing, this is handy for repeatedly wanting the same slope of multiple locations.  Rather than trying to get the same measurement each time you just need to look out for the 00.00.  To return to normal mode just short press the center button once more, you will notice the “REF” on the display will disappear.

The right-hand button after a short press will HOLD or freeze the current angle displayed.  This is useful when measuring an angle in a position that you cannot read the display, press hold when on the surface and bring the level to a position you can read it.  As previously noted a long press of this button toggles between units of measure, degrees or percentage.


The Farway Digital angle measure features two laser lines these are used when the unit is being used on a wall to produce a level laser line for leveling.  The back and base of the digital level is magnetic so can stick to a metal surface handy for steelwork.  The Farway kit includes a metal plate and a re-usable sticky pad to allow the measure to be mounted onto non-magnetic surfaces such as painted walls.

Digital Inclinometer Level Kit

This handy digital inclinometer comes with an in-built li-ion rechargeable battery which is charged with any USB charger or device with the included USB A to USB C cable.  (note the Farway does not include a charger itself).  Also included is the metal wall mount plate and sticky pad plus an instruction booklet.

Farway lomvum digital inclinometer casting lasers angle finder level

Features Summary

  • Large Clear LCD Display
  • Cast Metal Casing
  • Internal li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Custom Zero or REF mode
  • HOLD measurement mode
  • 2x Laser Lines
  • Self Calibration

The Farway is accurate to 0.2 degrees (when correctly calibrated) and comes with a 12 Month Warranty.


Working Time – 2Hrs

Accuracy 0.2 Degrees

Auto Power Off – 5 mins

Protection Level IP 54

weight – 106g




Additional information

Weight.5 kg
Dimensions11 × 8 × 5 cm


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