Green Multi-Line Laser With Servo Electronic Self Leveling & Auto tracking Base

The XLG44 is a green multi-line laser with servo electronic self levelling.  The laser features ultra bright green laser lines ideal for interior fit out and installation applications.  The helpful LED display on the laser indicates which line are selected.  With all line turned on you have a massive 360 degree horizontal line coverage, 4x vertical lines producing ceiling cross and 4 wall crosses.  Plus a floor plumb red dot for floor to ceiling transposing of points.

XL4G green multi line green beam laser

Servo Electronic Self Leveling

Electronic Servo leveling means; fast, accurate and durable self levelling.  The XLG44 360G Green automatically self levels continuously for minor adjustments using the rotation fine adjust knobs the lasers will stay illuminated.  This makes vertical alignment far easier than other servo multi line models.  With the control panel you can select a variety of lines to suite your needs. The bright LCD display a simple way to see which lines have been selected.

XLG44 Control Panel with LCD display




The laser is operated by simply pressing the red power button.  The “V” and “H” buttons select the number of horizontal or vertical laser lines activated.  The “M” mode button toggles between “P” Pulse mode for use with an OPTIONAL LLR705 green line receiver or LLRMM30 Millimeter Line Receiver.  And “D” which is a power saving dimmer mode.  However, power saving is not essential with the XLG44 as it comes supplied with two Li-ion battery packs that can be charged while the other one is being used in the laser.  There is also a back up “AA” Battery holder if no body charged the two Li-ion battery packs.

An additional feature unique to this laser is an integrated laser dot on the front horizontal and vertical lines.  These dots are more intense than the lines themselves making location of the lines easier in very bright conditions.

XLG44AT Green multiline laser with Electronic Self Leveling includes motorised tracking base and tracking line receiver

This special XLG44AT kit includes the AT1 Auto Track motorised base and tracking line receiver.  The Auto TRACK is designed to make vertical laser line alignment and square  as easy as possible.  Featuring an auto tracking line receiver that communicate to the motorised base unit.  The kit operates with any Red or Green beam line laser with either a 5/8″ survey thread or 1/4″ camera thread mount.

Auto Tracking using Receiver supplied with the Auto TRACK kit for Auto Square

Place the laser on the base unit and set the laser into pulse mode.  Place the receiver on its side at the target location.  line up the yellow vertical line to the precise point you want to align the laser to.  With a few simple presses of buttons on the receiver the motorised base will rotate auto tracking to the location of the receiver.  Once the receiver picks up the laser line it will communicate with the base unit.  When perfectly aligned it will lock on to this position.

When using XLG44 laser with its verticals at 90 degrees to each other you also have can simply produce an auto site square for layout.

This system can be used for both indoor applications and outside.

The Carry case supplied witht eh XLG44AT has been designed to hold both the laser and the Auto Track Base with all accessories.

RedBack lasers XLG44AT Auto square kit with Multi Green Line laser and auto tracking base




  • Electronic self levelling for fast and accurate levelling operation.
  • 360 degree horizontal line and 4 vertical lines at 90 degrees plus ceiling cross and plumb dot down.
  • Comes with a Li-ion rechargeable battery pack & Charger plus “AA” standard battery holder.
  • LED display with beam selection, levelling status, mode and battery power indication.
  • Auto Track Motorised Base and Tracking Line Receiver (15m tracking range)
  • Pulse mode for outdoor receiver for 50m diameter range outdoors in full sun.
  • Two Year Warranty

Includes heavy duty carry case, laser glasses, target, Li-ion rechargeable battery, charger and back up “AA” battery holder.

Green Multi-Line Laser with Servo – Specifications

  • Range – up to 40m visible indoors (50m with receiver)
  • Accuracy – +/- 1mm at 10m
  • Laser Class – class 3r <5mW 522nm green
  • Tracking Range – up to 15m
  • Detection Range – Up to 40m
  • Water Dust Resistance – IP54

OPTIONAL LLRMM30 green millimeter display line receiver with laser distance finder HERE


RedBack Lasers service department also service and calibrate the following brands when possible; Leica, Geo Fennel, Bear, Spectra, Imex, Powerline, Tuf, Bosch, Dewalt, Laser Tec, General, Hilti, PLS, Bear Servo 360G,

Weight5.2 kg
Dimensions37 × 45 × 26 cm


Download Instructions HERE


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Green Multi-Line Laser with Servo Electronic Self Leveling and Auto Tracking Base Kit - XLG44AT Green Beam Green Multi-Line Laser with Servo Electronic Self Leveling and Auto Tracking Base Kit - XLG44AT Green Beam
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