Green Beam Line Lasers & Rotating Lasers


Green lasers levels provide bright, crisp and easy to see laser lines that are great for a range of applications. Some users find green line lasers brighter and easier to see than red lasers, although this often comes down to the preference of the user.

It’s important to note that a green laser does not automatically mean a brighter laser. You need to take into account the power output of the laser as well.

RedBack’s 3D multi-line lasers have the same ultra-bright class 3 output for both the red and the green models. Therefore, they essentially have the same brightness, although some users may prefer one colour over the other.

For the rotating and dot lasers, the green laser version again has the higher class 3 output,  whereas the red beam version is a lower class 2. So, for rotating and dot lasers the green is visibly brighter than the red.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when using a rotating laser outside with a receiver, colour does not significantly affect range. Finally, if you’re looking for a rotating laser to use with a machined receiver you should go for the red laser since many receivers don’t work with green beams.

While there is no difference in accuracy, green diodes can be more expensive to produce, so green line lasers generally cost more. They can also use more battery power than red lasers.

Besides green line lasers, we offer a range of other laser levels for sale including plumbers lasers, pipe lasers, dumpy levels, rotary laser levels, cross line lasers, tile lasers, alignment lasers, construction lasers, and more.

If you’re looking for a particular laser level or you’re not sure which one you need, give us a call on 1800 769 858. Our expert team is ready to answer any questions and help you find the laser that’s right for you.

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