RedBack Lasers 3L360 Range of 3D Multi Line Lasers

RedBack Lasers 3L360 Range of 3D Multi Line Lasers available in both Ultra Bright Red (3L360R) & Green (3L360G) Laser versions. All aspects of Levelling, Alignment, Square and Plumb up and down are covered.  Both models include Magnetic Elevating Base and Li-ion Rechargeable Battery and Charger.  You can even operate on “AA” cells whist charging the Li-ion battery outside of the unit, thus incredibly handy if someone forgot to charge the battery the day before.

These two laser can also be purchased as a kit (3L360R+, 3L360G+) including the LLR705 LCD Display Electronic Receiver.  Making them fully usable outdoors.  Check out the poster below for some of the applications each model can do.

You can DOWNLOAD and print a copy of the brochure table shown above HERE

There is a choice, first of all between Red & Green and then secondly to buy with a receiver or not.

First up Red or Green?  RedBack Lasers 3L360 range have the SAME power output (class 3r) for both the Red & Green models, so essentially the same “brightness”.  Many others manufacturers have a lesser power on their reds compared to their greens.  However, on some surfaces the Red will appear brighter than the green and on other surfaces the reverse will be true.  Also some people, particularly those with colour blindness, will see one colour better than the other.  So concluding the question, Red or Green?,  its best if the person who is going to use the laser compares the two in the flesh and make their own mind up.

The second question is whether to buy the 3L360 as a kit with an electronic receiver or not.  If you are just planning to use this for indoor tasks then you can happily buy the base model with out receiver.  If you are wanting a laser to be reliably usable outdoors as well then buy the kit including the electronic receiver.  The receiver operates very much like a receiver on a rotating laser, it effectively sees the laser for your when its too bright outside for you to visibly see the laser beam itself.  When choosing between the RedBack 3L360R+Red or 3L360G+ Green there is a fairly significant difference between the two.  The 3L360R+ will operate up to 300m diameter using the LLR705 receiver, whereas the 3L360G+ operates up to 80M diameter.

3L360R 3L360R+ 3L360G 3L360G+


$639.00 inc GST
$824.00 inc GST
$769.00 inc GST
$969.00 inc GST
Laser Colour both ULTRA Bright
LINK More More More More
Levelling Horizontal
Alignmernt Vertical
Plumb and 90° Square
Visible Range Indoors
(Depending on ambient light)
Up To 40m Up To 40m Up To 40m Up To 40m
Pulse Mode
(for operating outdoor receiver)
Included LLR705
Line Laser Receiver (Range Outdoors)

Up To 300m diameter

Up To 80m diameter
Auto Levelling Line Laser with; Li-ion Battery & Charger Up to 20hrs on Single Charge AA Battery Option 2 Year Warranty