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RedBack Lasers have a range of outdoor line lasers with site squaring ability.  These laser are all built to a high standard with solid cast metal chassis internally and durable rubberised casings.  Line lasers are not visible outdoors in full sun but come with electronic receivers that detect the lasers for you.  In addition these models also perform visible interior fit out and installation applications.  All can be rotated on their plumb axis for easy site layout and squaring. The CX510SS even has a motorised base and tracking receiver to set site squares automatically.



Self levelling
Pendulum Pendulum Electronic
Line 160 ° Line 160 ° Rotating 360 ° Dot Plus Scan Line
4x Lines 4x Lines 4x Lines
Plumb Up & Down
Tracking to Receiver
for Auto Square
LLR705 Line Receiver LLR721 Line Tracking Receiver LRMULTI Line & Rotating Receiver
Grade Setting

Dual Grade
Li-ion & "AA" Power Li-ion & "AA" Power Ni-mh & "C" Power
Up to 20m visible Indoors
60m with Receiver
Up to 20m visible Indoors
60m with Receiver
tracking Up to 20m
Up to 20m visible Indoors
Lines 60m with Receiver
Rotation 150m with Receiver
$699.00 inc GST
$1,199.00 inc GST
$1,699.00 inc GST
More More More

Not a laser level in itself but an accessory that will make a standard line laser into an auto tracking line laser.  For easy vertical alignment and squaring applications both indoors and out.

Indoor & Outdoor Line Lasers with Squaring.  Ideal for all manner of indoor fit out and installation applications similar to RedBack’s 3D Multi Line Lasers HERE.  In addition provide easy indoor and outdoor squaring due to the ability to swivel on the the central plumb point.  These laser all come complete with an outdoor electronic receiver for alignment, levelling and squaring in full sun.

The CX510SS also features automatic tracking to receiver on the vertical lines, thus can perform exceptionally quick and accurate site squares.

The CXR880 is effectively two lasers in one providing all the features of the standard CX510 in combination with the grade features and range found on a rotating laser like the EGL624.

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