Nubco Core Range Introduction and Training

Hi Andrew

Online we have uploaded 3 videos for you to look at.

These are.

  • Display Options
  • Range Selection
  • A Range training video (example)

The final video is more an example of a series of videos we will shoot for your store to help your sales staff sell lasers.  Once the range has been agreed to, we will complete this and generate a Nubco Training Page that we can share to your staff and possible have a QR code on the display for customers to reference to also.

I have emailed you a Nubco Core Range Offer 13 05 2021.  This price list shows the margins of items both on and off promotion.

We rotate products on promotion up to 1 to 3 times per year and your pricing ensures that you will always be getting best net pricing.  The Idea or rotating promotion products is to increase their ranking within Google and so help us all see more sales.  

We will work with you for promotion activity online and marry into your catalogues where possible.  We will commit a budget of 3% of your account for catalogues and continue to offer the 7% settlement discount/rebate on your account (25Days EOM).

Items not in your core range will be covered by our Current price list – offering you Preferred Partner Pricing –This is list less 25% of List for single Item Purchases and List Less 20% for promotion items.

I understand that to complete this transition to the new range there may be some stock returns and the need for us to attend your stores – set up and do a basic training.  We will arrange this once the Range has been agreed on and opening order raised.

Hopefully after watching the videos this will all make more sense.


Cheers Tim

Instore Display Options

Nubco Core Range – Presentation

Sample Training Video – Rotating Laser Range

Distplay Stand and Lasers – with links

Optical Level and Rotating Lasers

3D Line Lasers

Line / Dot Lasers

Promotion / Special Offers

Tripods and staffs


Digital Levels


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