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A Machine Receiver or machine control system is designed to be mounted onto various types of earthmoving machinery.  These receivers have a much larger reception window or range compared to your regular handheld receivers and are built to handle the rough and tumble of being mounted directly to a machine.

RedBack Lasers produce a range of machine mounted receivers to fit the requirements of different users.  The standard MR706 and MR708 models feature a simple up-down display with adjustable tolerances.  The MR706 based models are magnetically mounted onto a machine such as a backhoe boom.  The MR708 based models have a clamp mounting system which mounts onto a pole than is attached to a boom or blade.  Each of these models can come as a “D” spec which included an in cabe repeater lightbox and cables.

RedBack also has the MR825WD which not only features up and down display but also swing front to back and grade left to right.  This model comes with both magnets and clamps and comes with wireless in-cab repeater LCD display unit.

Machine Control Systems with Hydraulic Integration

RedBack Lasers also supply a range of machine control solutions for earth movers.  These systems integrate with your machines hydraulics allowing the the machine to automatically control the height or depth of the cutting element.  This is achieved whilst using the position of your laser level.  To get a quote on this type of a system please call one of our experts on 1800 769 858.

RedBack Lasers have over 17 years experience with laser and machine receiver combinations, you can trust on RedBack to provide the right levelling solution for you.

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250mm 360° Reception - Magnetic Mount 250mm 360° Reception - Magnetic Mount - Wired In-Cab Repeater 250mm 360° Reception - Clamp Mount 250mm 360° Reception - Clamp Mount - Wired In-Cab Repeater 250mm 360° Reception - Magnetic & Clamp Mount - Tilt & Swing Indication - Wireless In-Cab Repeater
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$999.00 inc GST
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