Machine Control System with Single Receiver plus Digital Grade Laser Combo

RedBack’s Grade Combo with receiver machine control automation and dual grade digital laser.

Laser Machine Control System with Single Receiver & Hydraulic Control Unit

RedBack MCR900 Laser Machine Control System with Single Receiver. Want to automate your Land Plane or Box Blade, with the Redback Lasers MCR900 Machine Control System you can. The MCR900 offers autonomous control of your implement adjusting to the laser you have set through the single receiver and solenoid controller which adjusts your hydraulic ram. This works in conjunction with your laser which is supplied separately and often this is paired with the Redback Lasers DGL1010GM Laser. Your implement must be fitted with a Hydraulic block with a solenoid control valve. We can help you with the hydraulic requirements to marry into this system.  Great for Land Planes, Box Blades, Dozers, Bobcats and more.

This machine control system comes with

  • The in-cab control unit and mount.  This allows you to select between manual or automation control and adjust between fine and coarse operation
  • The Receiver and connection cable.  To be attached to a pole on your machine
  • The solenoid switches and cable.  To operate the solenoid control valve

MCR900 Single Receiver Machine Control System

What you will need

  • A pole on your implement to attach the receiver to.
  • Live hydraulic flow to the implement with a hydraulic block with a solenoid control valve
  • A flow dampener on the hydraulic block so you can restrict your hydraulic flow.

Ideally, it would be best if you had a hydraulic flow rate of 40 Lpm or less.

The RedBack Single Receiver system MCR900 is ideal for Land Planes, Box Blades, Dozers, Bobcats, Skid Steers and more.


If you are wanting more information regarding this or requiring a quote on a full setup please give our office a call on 1800 769 858

Installation example on a Landplane and Tractor.


Receiver Specifications

  • Degree of Protection – IP66
  • Detection radius – 400m
  • Receiving Angle – 360°
  • Detection Accuracy – ±5mm
  • Detection Window – 210mm
  • Operating Temperature – -10℃~+50℃
  • Power Supply – DC 12V/24V
  • Size – 158x135x298mm
  • Weight – 3kg

Control Unit Specifications

  • Output Compatibility – Proportional Time (PT) Valve Control
  • Control – manual/auto conversion
  • Valve Compatibility – Single proportional time (PT) valve control
  • Maximum output current – 10A
  • Horizontal LED display – green
  • High/Low LEDs – red
  • Show – High brightness LED indication
  • Weight – 2.8kg
  • Operating temperature – -10℃~+50℃
  • Degree of Protection – IP56
  • Voltage – DC12V
  • Size – 160x120x105mm

MCR910 Warranty – 2 Year RedBack Warrant on RedBack Lasers components supplied

The DGL1010GMP is an electronic digital grade/slope with tracking grade match rotating laser complete with Tripod & Staff.

Digital Grade with Tracking Video Guides followed by Descriptions and Specifications






The RedBack Lasers DGL1010GMP Digital Grade / Slope Laser with Tracking laser is fully electronic self-levelling and features a dual digital grade setting either from its control panel or Smart Remote.  It is the ultimate in Grade setting on site and includes heavy-duty tripod and 2.4m staff.

Digital Grade with Tracking

DGL1010GM can set up to a 10% grade one axis at a time or both axis simultaneously and grades can be set to 3 decimal places.  The sophisticated mechanism will even re-level and re-set grade automatically if disturbed or you can select TILT to warn of any major knocks or vibrations, so, providing peace of mind your grades are accurate.

The DGL1010GM can, in addition, auto grade match on either axis by locking onto the special two way RF communicating tracking millimeter receiver.  The laser level on the selected axis slopes up and down to find the receiver and then locks onto its position, once locked the laser even displays the percentage grade it has matched to. This tracking feature can also be used with the laser on its side for vertical alignment. Making it an awesome fencing laser, see video on fence alignment above.

Vibration Settings

The DGL1010GM also features V-W-S vibration and Wind Settings, during high winds or on side with heavy machinery the laser may stop to re-level frequently.  To save time select V-W-S and the laser will continue rotating whilst making these small adjustments, thus saving a great deal of time on site.


Another feature is TILT.  When selected this operates much like tilt on a pin ball table, any major movement or vibration and the laser will shut down, thus warning the user.  The user can then make sure everything is still true to the datum and let the laser re-start.

Horizontal and Vertical

RedBack Lasers DGL1010GM can also operate in vertical rotation mode for alignment and site layout applications and has scan line mode to intensify laser clarity for indoor fit out.

Vertical Tracking

The  DGL1010GM can use its tracking receiver in vertical mode with the laser on its side.  This is handy for jobs such as fence alignment or site squaring layout when used in combination with the laser dot at 90 degrees to the rotating beam.  Note receiver can be mounted on the staff for vertical alignment making staking out fence or orchards a snap.


The DGL1010GM comes with a Smart Remote with LCD display, the remote can control nearly all the facets of the laser level but is particularly handy for setting digital grades, for example, when you have the laser high in the air (using HDET 3m Tripod).  This laser comes with a special heavy duty double LCD display receiver that not only sets automatic grade match but also has a large reception window and displays distance from level in millimeters, Also included is Li-ion rechargeable laser level batteries and charger, Axis alignment scope, axis fine adjustment plate, side mount plate and a hard shell carry case.  This DGL1010GMP Page complete with Tripod and Staff.

The DGL1010GM laser is suitable for just about any general levelling task but is designed for serious grade or slope setting in earthmoving and civil construction.

So if you need a serious digital grade laser, with dual axis, auto grade match, millimetre receiver and Li-ion power all as standard then the DGL1010GM by RedBack Lasers is the tool for you.

The RedBack DGL1010GM comes with a 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Electronic Self Levelling
  • Horizontal Rotation for Levelling
  • Vertical Rotation for Alignment and Site Layout
  • Digital Dual Grade Setting
  • Smart Remote Control
  • V-W-S and TILT modes
  • Scan Line modes for indoor fit out
  • Internal cast metal Safety Cage
  • Direct Drive Rotation
  • INCLUDES Li-ion Rechargeable Battery & Charger also Std “D” cell Battery Operation
  • RF Remote Grade Match Dual LCD Receiver with millimeter display and large reception window
  • Side Mount Plate
  • Axis Alignment Scope
  • Axis adjustment plate
  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Tripod and 2.4m Staff
  • 5 Year RedBack Warranty
All RedBack Laser Levels have been Checked and Calibrated in Australia and come with a FREE certificate of calibration.


  • Range – 700m diameter using Millimeter Receiver
  • Accuracy – +/- 1mm at 20m
  • Grade – Dual Axis +/- 10.000%
  • Remote Range – 60m
  • Laser Class – class 3 <5mW 635-670nm red
  • Water Dust Resistance – IP66
Accessories featured in photos or video may be OPTIONAL, at an extra cost. Specifications may change without notice.

Also available is a dual receiver version MCR910 and Digital Grade Laser Package DGL1010GMP for depth and angle of cut machine automation HERE.


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MCR900 + DGL1010GMP - RedBack Machine Control with Single Receiver and Digital Grade Laser Level Combo MCR900 + DGL1010GMP - RedBack Machine Control with Single Receiver and Digital Grade Laser Level Combo
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