GREEN624GM - RedBack Electronic Levelling Green Rotating Laser Level H/V with Auto Grade Match + MM Tracking Receiver

$1,999.00 inc GST

RedBack Lasers GREEN624GM is an electronic auto levelling rotating laser level with Dual Grade and Horizontal/Vertical rotation modes.  The GREEN624GM also features auto grade match, slope to receiver mode.  This Class3 Green Laser model provides maximum visibility when used indoors. Included in this model is the LR720T millimeter display tracking receiver with a dual sided display staff clamp, rechargeable batteries and charger and hard shell carry case.  The auto tracking feature can be used in vertical mode making this an awesome fencing laser as well as great for all site levelling and internal fit out. more details and videos below.

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240HDF - Tripod & Staff Bundle

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Heavy duty flat top tripod and 2.4m aluminium telescopic staff.


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RedBack Lasers GREEN624GMP Rotating Green Slope Laser with Grade Match & Millimeter Tracking Receiver, Tripod & Staff

Rotating green laser with grade / slope features.  This package features grade / slope auto tracking, horizontal and vertical electronic self levelling.  Includes Millimeter display tracking receiver, Tripod and Staff.

Video Guides followed by Descriptions and Specifications

(Videos show the EGL624GM red beam grade / slope laser which has the same operation as the GREEN624GM this Green version provides greater visibility when being used indoors without a receiver)








Description: Rotating Green Laser with Grade Package

The GREEN624GM is a fully automatic electronic levelling rotating laser with easy to use controls.  Simply place laser level on a tripod (optional extra) and press the power button, in seconds it self levels and begins to rotate.  The GREEN624GM is extremely tough with steel internal chassis and heavy duty rubberised casing it can handle use day in, day out on the toughest of job sites.

The GREEN624GM Is also electronically self levelling on its side for vertical rotation and includes a dot laser at 90 degrees for site layout.  One of its main features is it has dual manual grade match so you can set a grade on either or both axis using the remote control, so single person grade setting.  In addition the GM model features automatic grade match and tracking LR720T receiver.   This feature allows the user to set the LR720T millimeter tracking receiver at a particular height.  The laser will then slope its beam on the selected axis to find this height and lock to this grade.  This makes setting grades extremely quickly and is especially useful where you want to match to a particular slope on site. this tracking feature can also be used on its side making it an ideal fencing laser, see video above.


The GREEN624GM also features TILT function in that if this is selected and the laser is disturbed or knocked the beam will stop rotating and indicate something has moved.  Another features is V W S (vibration and wind setting) when selected the GREEN624GM will continue to spin even when making minor adjustments due to vibrations, without it selected it will stop rotating each time to make those minor adjustments.  The GREEN624GM can also be use for interior installation with Scan line modes to intensify the visible brightness for both horizontal and vertical operation.

The GREEN624GM comes complete with the Heavy Duty LR720T electronic tracking receiver with millimeter Display, dual LCD front and back.  The EGL624GM also comes with rechargeable batteries and charger, but, can also be used with standard “C” batteries or even be powered of the charger/power supply.  Also included is a remote control.  The GREEN624GMP package includes heavy duty tripod and 2.4m staff.

The GREEN624GM electronic levelling rotating laser is ideal for concreters, plumbers, general builders and site levelling as well as internal installation.  The LR720T Millimeter receiver makes levelling that bit easier,

The RedBack GREEN624GM Rotating Green Laser with Grade Package comes with an Automatic 5 Year manufacturers warranty.


  • Electronic Self Levelling
  • Horizontal Rotation for Levelling
  • Vertical Rotation for Alignment & Layout
  • Class 3r Geen Beam for Maximum Visibility Indoors
  • LR720T Millimeter Tracking Receiver
  • Dual Grade Setting 
  • Easy to Set Up and Use
  • TILT and V-W-S Vibration modes
  • Internal Steel Safety Cage
  • Direct Drive Rotation
  • INCLUDES Ni-mh Rechargeable Battery & Charger also Std “C” cell Battery Operation
  • Remote Control
  • 5 Year RedBack Warranty

GREEN624GMP includes Heavy Duty Tripod and 2.4m Staff Bundle (240HDF)

All RedBack Laser Levels have been Checked and Calibrated in Australia and come with a FREE certificate of calibration.


  • Range – 600m diameter using LR720 receiver
  • Accuracy – +/- 1.5mm at 20m
  • Laser Class – class 3r <5mW 522-542nm green
  • Water Dust Resistance – IP66
Accessories featured in photos or video may be OPTIONAL, at an extra cost. Specifications may change without notice.


RedBack Lasers service department also service and calibrate the following brands when possible; Topcon, Leica, Rugby, Geo Fennel, Stanley, Spectra, Bosch, Dewalt, Powerline, Laser Tec, Imex, General, Hilti, Spectra Precision HV302

Weight6 kg
Dimensions37 × 45 × 25 cm


Range Brochure PDF can be viewed, printed and downloaded HERE


Base Instruction PDF can be viewed, printed and downloaded HERE

Additional Grade Match and Millimeter Receiver instruction sheet HERE


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GREEN624GMP - RedBack Rotating Green Laser Level with Auto Grade Match, MM Tracking Receiver, Tripod and Staff GREEN624GMP - RedBack Rotating Green Laser Level with Auto Grade Match, MM Tracking Receiver, Tripod and Staff
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