The Ultimate Green Beam Rotating Laser with Auto Tracking Grade Match to millimeter receiver GREEN624GM by RedBack Lasers

New Auto Tracking Grade Laser in Green Beam GREEN624GM

RedBack Lasers have introduced the NEW GREEN624GM Auto Tracking Laser in Green Beam with a Class 3r output.  This model provides greater indoor visibility compared to its red beam counterpart, the EGL624GM. What is Auto Tracking Grade Match? As with …
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RedBack Lasers D275R 5 dot 5 way 5 point laser level auto levelling Bosch Imex

Sometimes a Dot Laser is better than a Line Laser

When buying a laser for internal fit out you have a choice of either line lasers or dot lasers.  So which style of laser is best for you? Before getting stuck into this a little further another choice may be …
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RedBack Lasers EGL624 EGL624GM EL614S EL614GM Scan Lines visible indoor laser lines

Rotating Laser Buying Guide

Buying a Rotating Laser Buying a Rotating Laser? So you know you need a rotating laser, but which one to go for?  Check out the table at end of post. There are two main criteria to consider here; Firstly what …
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RedBack Lasers green Dot Laser D273G

Introducing the new Dot Laser Range by RedBack Lasers

RedBack Lasers NEW Auto Levelling Dot Laser Range D27xx RedBack Lasers has a new auto levelling dot laser range now in stock.  The range features 5 different models in red and Ultra bright green laser beams.  The D27xx range have …
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Green Beam Laser

When to go “Green”, green laser level that is

Red beam lasers have been around for some years now, but more recently green laser level beams have become available. Green Beam Lasers are up to 4x brighter than red when using them as a visible laser dot or line …
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