A guide to using Line Laser Levels Outside

As a general rule of thumb if you want to use a line laser level outside in full sun you will need to have an electronic receiver.  But there are exceptions to this generalisations.

Below is a video showing the use of three types of line laser outdoors, some using receivers and one laser that you can use visibly.

The first laser featured is a low cost class 2 red beam multiline laser The UNL59 This laser is ideal for indoor fit out applications with horizontal, vertical, plumb and sqaure capabilities, but, it can also be use outdoors.  For outdoor use you will not be able to visibly see the laser lines so you will need an optional electronic line receiver such as the LLR705.

The next laser level featured is the 3D 360 degree line laser 3L360R+.  This is a class 3r red beam laser and creates a brighter visible line.  However, again in bright conditions you will need to use the included electronic line receiver that come with this package.

The final laser level featured is the new RedBack XLG44.  This is again a class 3r laser, so same power output as the previous model, but this time in Green.  However, the main feature of this model is its integrated laser dots.  Again the lines have limited visibility outside but the dots built into the lines are highly visible.

RedBack Laser XLG44

The XLG44 is fully electronic servo self levelling, providing greater accuracy and durability compared to the more standard pendulum levelling models.  This green multiline laser features 4 horizontal lines providing a full 360 degree coverage in a room or outside.  There are also 4 vertical lines all at 90 degrees to each other.  Where each of the lines crosses the horizontal there is a high intensity laser dot.  This dot is something only found on a handfull of laser levels of this type and makes all the difference when using outside visibly.  Not only does the dot help with levelling but also producing 90 degree site squares.  Its a bit of a game changer.  Check out the video if you have not already done so.  Full details and purchase of the XLG44 by RedBack lasers can be found HERE

XL4G green multi line green beam laser