RedBack Lasers have introduced the NEW GREEN624GM Auto Tracking Rotary Grade / Slope Laser in Green Beam with a Class 3r output.  This model provides greater indoor visibility compared to its red beam counterpart, the EGL624GM.

What is Auto Tracking Grade Match?

As with all the GM range of lasers the GREEN624GM features Automatic Grade / Slope Tracking.  This is where you can set the laser unit at a particular height and locate the special Auto Grade Match Millimeter Receiver (LR720T) at a second height along a particular axis.  You press a button on the receiver which then communicates to the laser unit. The laser beam then tracks to the receiver’s height and locks on to that grade,  making it simple and automatic.

With the GREEN624GM and EGL624GM rotary laser models you can also use this feature when the laser is placed on its side for vertical rotation allowing Automatic Tracking for alignment or site squaring such as interior stud walls of fence alignments.

The GREEN624GM auto tracking laser in green comes with the LR720T receiver which not only communicates with the laser for tracking but also has dual, front and back, millimeter readout display.  This tells you how far off level the receiver is within a +45mm and -45mm range.  This is great for rough levelling as often all you need to know is if your within a number of millimeters in tolerance which save tremendous amount of time.

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GREEN624GM tracks to the height of the receiver and locks on to provide auto grade match. (Drag slider above to see animation) image shows the red beam EGL624GM version.

Whats included

As with all RedBack Laser’s Electronic levelling rotating / rotary lasers (EL614 and EGL624 ranges) the GREEN624GM comes complete with rechargeable batteries and charger as a standard.  In addition there is also a “C” Cell caddie that allows you to use regular “C” size batteries.  The GREEN624GM comes with an automatic 5 Year Warranty with no registration required.  To claim all you need is proof of purchase.

For more information on these and the many other features of the GREEN624GM please view the videos below.  Note the videos feature red been models but the features described function in the exact same way as with the GREEN624GM.








When using the GREEN624GM indoors in scan mode you will have a substantially brighter line, up to 4x brighter.  This is due to the higher output of the class 3r laser compared to the lesser class 2 laser output on the EGL624GM red (its the power output and not the colour that makes the main difference).  Its worth noting that when used with a receiver the range of the two models is much closer.  With 600m (GREEN624GM) compared to 500m (EGL624GM).  One more thing to note if you are using the laser predominantly for large outdoor earth moving jobs and you wish to use a machine mounted receiver then you need the red beam version NOT the green.  This is due to there being very little choice, if any, in green compatible machine receivers.

You can check out more details HERE