RedBack Lasers EGL624 EGL624GM EL614S EL614GM Scan Lines visible indoor laser lines Rotary Laser

Rotating / Rotary Laser Buying Guide

Buying a Rotating / Rotary Laser Buying a Rotating / Rotary Laser? So you know you need a rotating laser, but which one to go for?  Check out the table at end of post. There are two main criteria to …
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DGL1010GM Grade Axis Scope RedBack Lasers Digital Grade auto grade match tracking

Video release for DGL1010GM

RedBack Lasers is in the process of producing new informative videos on the RedBack range of lasers. First off the rank is the introduction video for the RedBack DGL1010GM with digital grade and auto grade match.  the laser comes with millimeter …
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DGL1010GM Digital Grade Match Tracking Rotating Laser with Millimeter Receiver and digital grade from Smart Remote

Hands on with RedBack Lasers DGL1010GM Digital Grade Match Laser

RedBack Lasers DGL1010GM Digital & Auto Grade Match Laser with Millimeter Receiver The RedBack Auto Grade Match DGL1010GM has many outstanding features such as digital grade setting from remote to three decimal places, Li-ion power and millimeter display receiver.  But …
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