Auto Grade Match by RedBack Lasers New Grade / Slope Lasers

RedBack lasers are continually supplying the latest in laser level technologies and one of the latest technologies is Auto Grade / Slope Match.  There are 3 RedBack grade / slope laser models that feature this (EL614GM, EGL624GM & DGL1010GM). but what is Auto Grade Match and how useful can it be?

Grade Technologies

Traditionally there were two main grade setting technologies; Manual Grade Match and Digital Dial a Grade.

Manual grade involves a laser first self levelling, then finding level along a particular axis with your receiver.  You then calculated the height you would raise or lower the receiver to attain a particular grade.  Then use the remote control to slope the laser to meet the new height of the receiver and your grade is set.  For example if you are 6m from the laser and raised your receiver 10cm from level and slope the beam to meet the new position of the laser you would have a continuous grade of 1 in 60 anywhere along or parallel to that axis.

Digital dial a grade involves a laser that you can enter in a percentage grade for a particular axis and the laser beam automatically slopes to make this grade.  For example entering a 1.667 percent grade will again provide a 1 in 60 slope.

Auto Grade Match

So what is Auto Grade Match?

This is when you can set the laser unit at a particular height and locate the special Auto Grade Match Receiver (LR720T) at a second height along a particular axis.  You press a button on the receiver which then communicates to the laser unit. The laser beam then tracks to the receiver’s height and locks on to that grade,  making it simple and automatic.  Auto Grade Match can be used in two main ways;

First by by setting a grade in the same manner as a manual grade match, but, this time the laser searches for and locks on the receiver automatically.

The second main method is when you want to match an existing grade or slope on site.  An example would be setting a constant grade for a driveway on an undulating hill side.  The idea is that you are wanting to match the general existing grade but want to take out all the lumps and bumps along the way.

This is achieved by setting the height of the laser and receiver on the staff at the same height from the ground.  Take the receiver up or down the hill along one of the two axis, press the Auto Grade Match button and select the axis on the receiver and the laser level does the rest tracking to and locking onto the position of the receiver and fixing that grade.  When the grade is fixed, you use the receiver anywhere along that axis and a level reading now indicates that you are on that constant grade.

DGL1010GM Grade Match grade / slope laser

NOTE: Grade achieved is only displayed on the DGL1010GM model.

Auto Grade Match

There is a third use for Auto Grade Match which is supported by the RedBack EGL624GM and DGL1010GM models and that is using it in the vertical plain for automatic alignment for fence lines etc.  Simply set the laser on its side for vertical rotation with the plain of rotation roughly aimed to the other end of the run you wish to align, set the receiver up on its side and the far end of the run.  Again select auto grade match (this time it has to be the “X” axis) and the beam automatically tracks left to right to find and lock onto the position of the receiver.  You can even perform site squaring as the visible  dot laser beam is at 90 degrees to this vertical rotating plain.

LR720T RedBack’s Tracking Millimeter Receiver

Each of these three RedBack, Auto Grade Match, lasers comes with the LR720T tracking receiver which communicates with the laser via radio frequency for maximum range and efficiency.  The receiver has the bonus of displaying a millimeter readout from level (+45mm/-45mm) and has a massive 100mm reception window.  The LR720T also features Dual back lit LCD displays, one front and the other on the rear of the unit, providing easy readability.  There are also 3 sets of bright LED lights displaying a simple above, below and level indication on three sides of the receiver.

Millimiter tracking receiver for grade / slope tracking lasers by RedBack Lasers  

The Auto Grade Match facility on the EL614GM and EGL624GM models is in addition to their manual grade match capability and the DGL1010GM also features Digital Dial a Grade as well as the Auto Grade Match.  In addition the DGL1010GM when in auto grade match mode indicates the acheived grade as a percentage on its LCD display screen.

See below for a video of the DGL1010GM and one for the EGL624GM.  Note that the operation for Auto Grade Match on the EGL624GM is very similar to the EL614GM. The EL614GM, however, does not have a horizontal operation mode like the EGL624GM.


Quick Model Comparison Chart – EL614GM, EGL624GM and DGL1010GM

Model NumberEL614GMEGL624GMDGL1010GM


Add a Tripod & Staff Bundle for an extra $200 inc GST
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More More More
Manual Grade using Remote

single axis

dual axis
Auto Grade Match using Receiver
Digital Dial a Grade enter Percentage

dual axis
Millimeter Display Receiver with Grade Tracking LR720T
Axis Alignment scope and fine adjustment plate
Scan Lines for Indoor Visibility
Vertical Electronic Levelling alignment tracking & setout
Horizontal Electronic Levelling TILT & V-W-S Vibration Setttings 5 Year Warranty
Rechargeable battery & charger included


RedBack lasers not only provides the latest technology at an affordable price but also piece of mind.  With quality construction, all these models feature a steel or cast metal safety cage chassis.  This protects the laser from the inevitable knocks and drops on site. All RedBack laser levels are checked and calibrated here in Australia prior to dispatch.  Also included is a certificate of calibration.  Finally all of these RedBack models come with an automatic 5 year warranty.  No registration is required, you just need proof of purchase.  See warranty conditions HERE