RedBack Lasers DGL1010GM Digital & Auto Grade Match Laser with Millimeter Receiver

The RedBack Auto Grade Match DGL1010GM has many outstanding features such as digital grade setting from remote to three decimal places, Li-ion power and millimeter display receiver.  But was makes it stand out from the crowd is its ability to automatically grade match with tracking receiver.

Setting Grades

So what is automatic grade matching?   It is the ability for the laser level plane to automatically slope up or down and lock onto the height of the receiver on a specified axis.  The LCD Screen on the DGL1010GM then displays the grade achieved between the height of the laser level and the height of the receiver digitally.  Grade is displayed as a percentage to three decimal places.  This can be extremely useful in earth moving, drainage and general civil construction projects.

DGL1010GM Grade Match

In addition the RedBack DGL1010GM can set digital grades on one or both axis up to 10%.   Simply by entering the required grade into the laser levels keypad or into the radio smart remote control.  Also included with the laser level is a fine adjustment plate and telescopic sight which allows quick and accurate alignment of the axis.  Making the grade setting process as accurate as possible.

DGL1010GM Grade Remote   DGL1010GM Grade Axis Scope

The heavy duty receiver supplied with the DGL1010GM is pretty special too.  Not only does it communicate with the laser level for auto grade match but it also has a millimeter display.  The millimeter display indicates +45mm and -45mm above or below level and the level bar itself has 3 accuracy settings; +/- 1mm, 5mm and 9mm level bands.

DGL1010GM Grade Match RF ReceiverDGL1010GM millimeter display receiver

More Features

Further Features of the RedBack Lasers DGL1010GM include V-W-S which is Vibration and Wind Settings.  Normally with electronic self levelling lasers if once rotating vibrations are detected the laser will stop rotating adjust level and start rotating again.  On a windy day or near heavy machinery these small adjustments can become so frequent that working becomes difficult. With V-W-S activated, the DGL1010GM continues to rotate during these minor adjustments.  The laser level will, however, still stop rotating after major disturbances.  Another feature is TILT, this is like tilt on a pinball machine.  If the laser has a major vibration or someone kicks the tripod by accident the laser will stop rotating.  It will not re-start until you tell it to do so.  TILT is a warning that something has changed and you may want to re-check you datum before continuing.

Vertical Operation

The DGL1010GM can also operate on its side for vertical alignment and site layout applications utilising the side mounting plate.  When on its side the rotating beam is now vertical and at 90 degrees to this is a laser dot and a site square can be accomplished.  To do this you electronically aim the dot laser to a target left to right by pressing and holding the grade/slope arrow buttons, which one you press determines whether it moves to the left or the right. The longer you hold the arrow buttons the faster the dot moves.

  • Place datum marker over the datum point marking the conjunction of the 90 degree lines.
  • Roughly align laser housing so dot is striking target point along the one line of the 90 degrees, then use the direction buttons to electronically fine tune this alignment.
  • Once the dot is on the target use the receiver to pick up the rotating line on the second line of the 90 degree. Your square is now set.

DGL1010GM Side Mount

DGL1010GM Site Square

Whilst on its side the DGL1010GM’s automatic grade match facility can be used for automatically aligning of the vertical beam by using the receiver on its side.  Again the laser will automatically hunt for the receiver and lock onto it. This features makes this laser level handy for fence alignment applications as well as other construction jobs.

The DGL1010GM can also be used inside for visible installation  work to produce both vertical and horizontal laser lines.  The beam is intensified with the scan line mode. Which means instead of the laser rotating a full 360 degrees it draws a line left and right.  The size and position of this line can be adjusted using the remote control.

Li-ion Power

The laser level itself is powered by a superior Li-ion battery pack that can be charge either whilst inserted into the laser or externally.  The DGL1010GM also comes with a standard “D” cell battery holder so you can carry on with your work when someone forgets to charge the battery.  The smart remote control unit and millimeter receiver use “AA” Alkaline batteries.


The build quality for this laser is impressive with full cast metal internal chassis and heavy rubbersied outer housing.

DGL1010GM Quality Built

The DGL1010GM comes with a certificate of calibration and an automatic 5 year warranty with no registration required.  So you sure the laser level is ready to get straight to work.  In conclusion the RedBack DGL1010GM is a professional laser levelling and grading system  packed with features you will be pressed to find on other lasers levels twice its cost.


For more details and specification check out the DGL1010GM automatic grade match laser HERE