1L360+P eadback 360 outdoor laser with tripod and staff

RedBack Lasers NEW builders Laser

RedBack Lasers Builders Laser Package 1L360R+P RedBack Lasers introduces the new standard in Builders Laser.  Traditionally if you wanted a simple to use laser level for general site levelling jobs outdoors, you would choose a rotating laser.  Now, however, there …
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DGL1010GM Digital Grade Match Tracking Rotating Laser with Millimeter Receiver and digital grade from Smart Remote

Hands on with RedBack Lasers DGL1010GM Digital Grade Match Laser

RedBack Lasers DGL1010GM Digital & Auto Grade Match Laser with Millimeter Receiver The RedBack Auto Grade Match DGL1010GM has many outstanding features such as digital grade setting from remote to three decimal places, Li-ion power and millimeter display receiver.  But …
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RedBack Lasers EGL624 EGL624GM GREEN624GM Concreting concreters laser site levelling electronic auto leveling

What makes RedBack Lasers Different to the Crowd?

Why Buy RedBack Lasers The difference between RedBack Lasers and others. Many rotating lasers on the market these days look very similar to each other, with a broadly square shaped casing, handle on one side and a four glassed light …
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Wet Weather Laser Levels

Wet Weather and Laser Levels

Wet Weather and Laser Levels How to treat your laser level during wet weather can have a big impact on how long the laser is going to last. Wet weather and Laser Levels.  Even though your laser may have a …
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Laser Safety

A Basic Guide to Laser Safety Classifications

Laser Level Classifications Lasers have been classified internationally on the basis of how safe they are to use.  There are also Australian standards in the use of lasers in the construction industry.  Here I will outline the basics and try …
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