RedBack Lasers super tough pipe laser models have an update

The updated pipe laser models now feature a super clear display with larger numerals for grade / slope.  Also improved is the clarity of the battery capacity icon and position of laser dot, left to right.  The new display has a very high contrast with bright yellow against a black back ground, so, making reading far easier than in the past.

RedBack Lasers PL650 & PL650G pipe laser with new clearer display

Also improved is the remote control,  now in a much more durable rubberised housing.  But, the big news is that you can now set grade using the remote control.  This together with the increased clarity of the grade / slope display makes the 2018 PL650 and PL650G pipe laser that bit easier to use on site.

RedBack Lasers PL650 & PL650G pipe laser new grade from remote

These new features at no additional cost, for details you can check out the two models using the links below;

PL650 (red beam)

PL650G (green beam)