Grade Conversion – Convert Grade from Ratio, Percentage and Degrees.

This is a handy little Grade Conversion App available for iPhones and iPads ideal for anyone who sets Grades or Slopes with their grade / slope laser.  The Handy Grade Converter quickly convert between the 3 main measurements of grade or slope.  Handy if your plans have a grade as a ratio and your digital grade laser needs the percentage grade fed into it.

The Handy Grade Converter can convert between Grade or Slope as a ratio such as 1 in 10 to both a percentage and Degrees.  It can also convert between Percentage giving ratio and degrees.  Also Entering Degrees with provide the measurement in percentage and ration, so, highly useful.

Ideal for when using a grade or slope setting laser level.

Check out the video.


The App can be purchased from the Apple App store HERE

Also, for those without an ios device there is an FREE online conversion tool HERE

Alternatively RedBack Lasers have a printable Grade Conversion Chart, Ratio to Percentage HERE