The RedBack Lasers 3L360R+ Indoor & Outdoor Builders Laser

Looking for an Indoor & Outdoor Builders Laser?  Years ago if you wanted a laser level the first question you needed to answer was; are you going to be using it indoors or outdoors?  The answer to this question led towards two quite distinct styles of laser level.  Rotating lases for outdoors and line/dot lasers for visible use indoors.  Of course some line lasers could be used outside with a receiver but would only provide about 30m or 60m range and some rotating lasers could be put into scan line mode for a more visible experience indoors but it was a compromise.

Only one laser at that time did it all and that was the RedBack Lasers CXR880 which literally combined both a rotating laser and multi line laser into one unit.  This laser is still a current model and still packs some major feature advantages, But, technology is always changing and RedBack Lasers Range of new multi 360 line lasers provide a feature rich alternative.  In this review we are going to specifically look at the RedBack 3L360R+ model.

RedBack 3L360R+ Auto Levelling Multi Line Laser

The Range
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RedBack Lasers 3L360R 360 degree line laser with Li-ion batteries

The RedBack 3L360R+ utilises three continuous 360 ° laser lines.  One horizontal and two verticals at 90 ° to each other.  All of these lines features ultra bright class 3r laser output.  Indoors this means maximum possible visibility up to 30m + and outdoors utilising the LLR705 line receiver up to a massive 300m diameter range.  The combination of lines for indoor use means you can level, vertically align, plumb floor to ceiling and square for internal stud walls or kitchen installation.  For outdoors you can site level, vertically align and site layout using the included LLR705 line receiver.

RedBack 3L360R diagram

3L360 Line Coverage

More Features

With the RedBack 3L360R+ the glass laser outputs are protected with a heavy rubberised casing and cast metal housings.  The 3L360R+ features pendulum lock which protects the levelling mechanism when the laser is not in use and in transit between sites.  The laser comes with Li-ion rechargeable battery cell and charger with up to 20 hour operation.  For convenience, the Li-ion battery can be charged outside the laser. This, therefore, allows the user to be able to use standard “AA” batteries whilst it is charging.  In other words, you are never caught short with a flat battery in the middle of a job.  Another feature is manual mode, this forces the laser to operate without first levelling, thus, allowing you to position the laser to produce a line at any angle.


  • Ultra Bright Class 3r Laser Max Power
  • 3x 360 degree Laser Lines
  • Indoor visible use & Outdoor use with Receiver
  • Up to 300m diameter range with Receiver
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Pendulum Lock
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Power
  • Alternate “AA” Battery Power
  • Manual Mode

Included in the Kit

RedBack 3L360R Magnetic Mount

LLR705 Line Receiver

  • 3L360R 3×360 Multi 360 degree line laser
  • LLR705 Line Receiver with LCD display and staff clamp
  • Li-ion Battery Pack and Charger
  • “AA” Battery Holder
  • Elevating Magnetic/ Tripod Mount
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • 2 Year Automatic Warranty

All RedBack Lasers are checked and calibrated by one of our technicians here in Australia prior to dispatch and are supplied with a calibration certificate.  The RedBack 3L360R+ comes with an automatic 2 year warranty with no registration required, just retain proof of purchase.  We know accidents can happen, so RedBack Lasers are designed with serviceability in mind.  We keep spare parts in stock and they can be easily calibrated, if required by our technicians.

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