Why Buy RedBack Lasers

The difference between RedBack Lasers and others. Many rotating lasers on the market these days look very similar to each other, with a broadly square shaped casing, handle on one side and a four glassed light house on top.  Many on the market are, indeed, pretty much the same under the skin but RedBack rotating lasers are very much different and in the following post I will detail the differences and what makes our lasers a better option.


RedBack Lasers – Safety Cage Technology

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On the RedBack Below note the Steel Chassis top and bottom with steel posts, also note heavy duty cast metal pendulum assembly inside the chassis and thick rubberised plastic lower casing.  The difference in construction is clear. 


RedBack Electronic Rotating Lasers are constructed very differently to most in that they have a full steel or cast metal chassis protecting the internal mechanics and electronics, this we call Safety Cage Technology.  This means that our lasers are much tougher than those without this technology. Most brands have all their mechanical/electrical components built directly onto the outer casing which is fine until the inevitable drop or knock happens.  Without any chassis around these parts gears can get dislodged, sensors damaged, the components can even break completely away.  With RedBack’s Safety Cage Technology, all these parts are all safely cocooned within it.  Its true that the outer casing may get damage in a heavy fall, but its just the skin.  The laser level itself is often ready to go back to work.


RedBack Lasers 3 Power Options

RedBack Lasers 3 Power OPtions

All our rotating lasers have three power options; Rechargeable batteries as standard (except the 509KIT where it is an option) some models with Ni-Mh and others with Li-ion technology. Mains power adapter/charger allows running of the mains power for indoor operations. Standard Battery power either “AA”, “C” or “D” cell.  This is all standard and included in the advertised price.  Many brands advertise a price without rechargeable batteries and charger and sell them at a premium price later.


RedBack Lasers Automatic 5 Year Warranty

RedBack Lasers 5 Year Warranty

All RedBack Electronic Rotating lasers have a standard 5 Year warranty and its a genuine 5 year warranty in that its automatic.  NO registration is required and so NO penalty of a reduced warranty if not registered.  So when you see other brands offering a 3 or 5 year warranty make sure it really is.  They know that 80 to 90 percent of people forget to register and so under their terms purchasers now only get a 1 or 2 year warranty instead.

Calibrated and Certified

All RedBack Lasers, rotating, line or dot have been checked and calibrated here in Australia.  Our technicians use CCTV based calibration station and certify with the date of this calibration.  This ensures a couple of things; firstly that the laser level is operational before leaving our warehouse and secondly that it is operating within specified tolerances. The included certificate includes the name of the technician and the date the calibration was carried out.

So in conclusion not all rotating laser levels are created equal.  RedBack Lasers may cost a little more than some available, but its because RedBack Lasers are better constructed.  We use better components to many and our lasers are checked and calibrated in Australia.  This is also why our warranty for electronic rotating lasers is automatically 5 years because they are built tough for reliability on the work site.

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