LSG-5mW 2 – Fixed Cross Line Alignment Laser – Dual Beam 5mW Green Beam

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Fixed Dual Laser Line for industrial alignment applications. Class 3r <5mW green laser output ideal for more brightly lit conditions.  Includes 240V mains adapter and switching unit, can also operate from a 12V DC source if required.  Comes with sturdy cast metal mounting bracket that can be positioned precisely to where you require the laser line.

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Product description

LSG-5mW2 – Fixed Alignment Laser Cross Line – Green Beam

This alignment laser is designed for mounting in an industrial environment to provide a visible laser guide for alignment purposes.  For example; material handling, cutting and quality control in manufacturing and engineering applications.

The RedBack LSG 5mW2 is a class 3r green laser with <5mW output.  This power output is ideal for more brightly lit conditions.  The green colour can on some surfaces seem a little clearer than an equivalently powered red beam.  Power for the fixed alignment industrial laser is by a 240v mains adapter.  The laser can also be operate off a 12V DC power source if desired.  The Alignment Laser comes with a sturdy cast metal mounting bracket, this enables substantial adjustment, thus letting you direct the laser line in any direction or angle you require.

LS Dual Fixed Laser Line Alignment KitCross Line Fixed Green Laser Alignment

Ideal for industrial and manufacturing applications to help with alignment of objects.

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