RedBack Lasers DA530L Digital Level & Angle Measure with Laser

The DA530L is a Digital Level with Digital Angle Measure.  The level features a dual display one for the digital level inclinometer and one for the Angle measure.  This enables the user to measure both aspects at the same time, the position to level and the included angle.  The DA530 also features a laser dot out of one of the ends allowing it to be used as a laser level in indoor situations.  The Digital Angle Measure has a magnetic base so can be mounted onto steel structures such as steel support beams or pallet racking for example.  There is also a 1/4″ camera tripod thread on the base for mounting on a suitable tripod.

The DA530L is made from sturdy aluminium and the angle arm is from steel making this a pro tool for your work site.

DA530L Digital Angle Measure with Laser

Digital Level

When looking at the two LCD displays, the left one indicates the level of the structure the DA530L is placed on.  When it’s first powered on this shows both the levelness in degrees and also which way out of level the device is.  The “Mode” button allows you to toggle between; Percentage Slope, IN/FT, IN/FT(decimal), mm/m and back to Degrees.  The “speaker” button turns on the sound for levelling.  Different tones are provided for clockwise of level and anti-clockwise to level with a solid tone when exactly level.  There is also a “Hold” function for the digital level /inclinometer.  When checking the level of a surface where you cannot see the displays press the hold button. The display will freeze allowing you to see the level reading at the time you pressed the button.

RedBack Lasers DA530L Digital Angle Measure and digital level with laser


Angle Measure

The Second main feature of the DA530L is the Digital Angle Measure.  This allows you to measure an inside angle of a structure such as a roof truss etc.  To do this simply power up the device and open the angle arm. As it opens out you will see the LCD display on the right display the current angle between the body of the level and the angle arm.  Note that you can also see the angle of the body of the digital level in the left LCD display.  The angle arm has a locking screw near the hinge allowing you to lock the angle arm in the required position.

DA530L Digital Angle Measure

Laser Level

The DA530 Digital level Angle Measure has a laser dot which is activated by pressing the “Laser” button.  This can be used as a simple laser level.  Note the digital angle displayed and projecting that angle beyond the length of the level with the laser dot.  The DA530L can be mounted onto a camera-style tripod to help in this operation.

Initial Set Up and Calibration

When you first receive your RedBack lasers DA530L you will need to insert the “AA” batteries and also the button cell battery into the unit.  The “AA” cells are inserted behind the rectangular cover and the button cell is behind the circular cover by rotating it in the direction indicated.  make sure all batteries are inserted correctly.  The Button Cell powers the calibration memory for the unit so whenever this battery is replaced the device will need calibration.  You will know when the cell needs replacing or re-calibration is required as both displays will indicate an error.

Self-calibration is very simple and is broken down into two parts; 1. calibrating the digital level (left LCD display), and 2. Digital angle measure (right LCD Display).  No special tools are required just a flat surface that does NOT need to be perfectly level.  See instructions for the procedure.


Digital Level Range: 0° to 360°
Accuracy: 0.1°
Digital Inside Angle Range: 0° to 200°
Power: 3x”AA” / CR2450
Calibration: Self-Calibrated
Warranty: Two Years

Weight1.9 kg
Dimensions55 × 8 × 6 cm


Instruction PDF can be viewed, printed and downloaded HERE


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DA530L - Digital Level Inclinometer and Angle Measure with Laser DA530L - Digital Level Inclinometer and Angle Measure with Laser
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