LS533-H - Digital Grade Rotating Laser with Remote and Receiver

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Value for money Digital Grade Rotating Laser with all the pro features you need.  Electronic self-levelling provides fast and accurate work.  The LS533-H comes with an LCD display remote control for setting grades and other features.  Also includes a dual display receiver and staff clamp, rechargeable battery and charger all in a handy carry case.  ideal for general site levelling and grade setting.


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240HDF - Tripod & Staff Bundle

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Heavy duty flat top tripod and 2.4m aluminium telescopic staff.


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Digital Grade Rotating Laser with Remote & Receiver

The LS533-H is a Digital Grade Rotating Laser with electronic self-levelling.  Included is a remote control for setting grade and receiver.  This budget-priced laser provides excellent value for money and advanced features.


LS533 Digital Grade Laser

The grade is set using the included remote control unit.  Grade can be set on one or both axis simultaneously up to 10% of each grade.  The LS533-H also features VWS, Vibration Wind Sensor mode which allows you to cancel out the effects of excessive vibration from machines or wind.

The laser level kit includes the LS533-H laser itself, Remote Control with LCD display, laser Receiver & staff Clamp, Rechargeable Battery pack and backup standard battery operation all in a handy carry case.

LS533 Digital Grade Laser Remote


This laser is ideal for general site levelling and for the setting of grades.

Digital Grade

Digital grade allows you to enter into the laser via the remote the exact grade you need for one of both axes.  Grade or slope is entered as a percentage up to a maximum 10% grade.

Vibration Settings

The LS533 also features V-W-S vibration and Wind Settings, during high winds or on-site with heavy machinery the laser may stop to re-level frequently.  To save time select V-W-S and the laser will continue rotating whilst making these small adjustments, thus saving a great deal of time on site.


Another feature is TILT.  When selected this operates much like tilt on a pinball table, any major movement or vibration and the laser will shut down, thus warning the user.  The user can then make sure everything is still true to the datum and let the laser re-start.

Quadrant Shielding Feature

The LS533 comes with Quadrant Beam Shielding.  This allows you to turn off the laser output in various segments of rotation. This allows you to prevent the beam from shooting into another area of your site which may be using lasers.  You can also use this to prevent laser output onto areas such as roads or onto buildings with reflective surfaces which could cause confusing results.

All features of the LS533 are accessed via the remote control unit.

What’s included

The LS533P comes with the laser level, Dual display laser receiver and staff clamp, Radiofrequency remote, Li-ion battery and charger.

LS533 Digital Grade Laser kit

240HDF tripod staff bundle RedBack Lasers

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Features of the LS533-H Digital Grade Laser

The LS533-H comes with a 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Electronic Self Levelling
  • Horizontal Rotation for Levelling
  • Digital Dual Grade Setting
  • Quadrant Beam Shielding
  • Remote Control
  • V-W-S and TILT modes
  • INCLUDES Li-ion Rechargeable Battery & Charger
  • Dual Display Receiver
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Range – 500m diameter using LR715 receiver
  • Accuracy – +/- 1.5 mm at 20m
  • Grade – Dual Axis +/- 10.000%
  • Laser Class – class 3 <5mW 635-670nm red
  • Water Dust Resistance – IP66


Instruction Manual HERE


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LS533-HP - Digital Grade Rotating Laser with Remote and Receiver - Package with Tripod & Staff LS533-HP - Digital Grade Rotating Laser with Remote and Receiver - Package with Tripod & Staff
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