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6MHMP – 6M Fibreglass Height Measuring Pole

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6M Height Measuring Pole ideal for vehicle / truck load height measurement. The 6MHMP is also handy in various construction, agricultural and landscaping applications. The Measuring Pole is made from non-conductive Fibreglass which is lightweight, Robust and safe to use. Weighing in at just 2.6Kg makes it easy to use.  The measuring pole features a foldout “L” pole.  When folded out you can measure the height of an oversized load when closed you can measure the internal height of a structure or opening.

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FREE regular Postage/Freight for all purchases sent to the Australian Mainland and Tasmania*Questions! Call 1800 769 858

Product description

6M Fibreglass Height Measuring Pole

The 6m fibreglass height measuring pole is ideal for measuring the heights of transport vehicles and truck loads and other difficult to access situations.  It’s an essential tool for prime movers hauling oversized loads.  The pole also has applications outside of road freight, such as, in agriculture, construction and landscaping.


Fibreglass height pole safe lightweight and strong measure loads transport

The insulated non-conductive fibreglass telescopic pole is lightweight, robust and safe to use.  The 6MHMP height measuring pole has 5 sections that lock into place with a spring-loaded button.  Weighing just 2.6kg makes the pole easy to extend by one person.

The height is easy to read as you extend the pole and is read from the top of the base pole.  Few moving parts make this device extremely reliable.

The measuring pole features an “L” pole which is folded out and locked into place making load measurement easy.  You can also use the fibreglass pole to measure internal shed or opening heights by leaving the “L” pole in the folded position.

6MHMP height measuring pole foldout L pole

The 6MHMP comes in a handy carry case making it handy for stowage in a truck or other vehicle.  The carry case features a sturdy carry strap and is made from thick canvas type material.

6MHMP fibreglass insulated measuring pole

The Fibreglass Height Measuring Pole is Handy for;

  • Truck / Trailor Load Height Measurement – Particularly good for irregular loads such as earthmoving equipment, water tanks and other oversized loads.
  • Access into warehouses, sheds or barns – Measure the height of the opening for a vehicle or forklift access.
  • Construction – Checking the approximate heights of buildings or other structures.
  • Landscaping – Measuring heights of tall hedges or trees.
  • Agriculture – Farm machinery movement etc.


  • Minimum extension – 1.5m
  • Maximum extension – 6.09m
  • accuracy – 0.02m
  • Construction – Fibreglass poles, Cast metal “L” pole bracket
  • Scale – Metric and Imperial
  • Warranty – 12 Months

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Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions146 × 7 × 13 cm


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