Auto Grade Tracking Rotating Lasers for Builders and Plumbers

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Model Number EL614GM EGL624GM DGL1010GM


Add a Tripod & Staff Bundle for an extra $185 inc GST
$1,249.00 inc GST
$1,499.00 inc GST
$2,599.00 inc GST
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Grade Features

single axis
Auto Grade Match

dual axis
Auto Grade Match

dual axis
Digital Dial a Grade
Auto Grade Match
Millimeter Display Receiver with Grade Tracking LR720T
Scan Lines for Indoor Visibility
Vertical Electronic Levelling alignment, setout
Grade Alignment Scope
Horizontal Electronic Levelling TILT & V-W-S Vibration Setttings Dual Sided Receiver 5 Year Warranty - All Standard
Rechargeable battery & charger included




RedBack Lasers GM range features the latest Rotating Laser Technology with Automatic Grade Tracking to receiver.

Each of these three models are electronic self levelling and include rechargeable batteries, Remote Control and radio frequency Millimeter display grade Tracking receiver LR720T.

These models main difference to other is the grade tracking technology.  Simply put, to match a grade simply turn on the laser and let level, place the receiver at the height that you want to grade to on a particular axis (X or Y).  Press the tracking button on the receiver and the laser automatically slopes up/down to find and lock on the the receiver.  Now you can move the receiver and anywhere along that axis the receiver shows level it now gives you a constant grade.

The Tracking receiver also features a large 110mm reception window and millimeter display making rough levelling a breeze saving time and money compared to a traditional receiver.

Choose between the EL614GM, EGL624GM, GREEN624GM and DGL1010GM depending on your individual requirements.  Click through to each of the models to see more videos and more details on each.

Ideal for builders, concreters, plumbers, earthmovers and much more.