Compact Line & Dot Lasers

There are a lot of inexpensive small line and dot lasers on the market some being no more than toys.  RedBack Lasers Self Levelling, compact Indoor Lasers are built for the trade and can be re-calibrated if required, unlike some.

Two models the DL3 with horizontal and vertical lines plus ceiling cross and plumb dot down.  The DLD5x has horizontal and vertical lines but also 5 laser dots or points for plumb level and square.  Both come with magnetic base that also allows mounting on tripods.

These laser levels come with an automatic two year warranty from RedBack lasers.

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Self Levelling - "AA" Power - 1x Horizontal Line - 1x Vertical Line - Ceiling Cross & Plumb Dot Down Self Levelling Horizontal - "AA" Power - Cross Line V&H - 5x Dots at 90 degrees to each other
$249.00 inc GST
$399.00 inc GST
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Not a laser level in itself but an accessory that will make a standard line laser into an auto tracking line laser.  For easy vertical alignment and squaring applications both indoors and out.

Line & Dot lasers are predominantly designed for interior fit out and installation applications.  They have visible laser lines and dots to help with levelling, vertical alignment and plumb up and down. Some models in addition feature “Pulse” mode allowing the use of an optional electronic receiver.  This allows the laser to be used outside where you cannot normally see the beam.

There are a large range of installation jobs these laser are suited to including; Electrical, Carpentry, Windows, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Shop Fit, Garage Doors, Suspended Ceilings, Plastering, General Building and much more

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