RedBack Lasers Builders Laser Package 1L360R+P

RedBack Lasers introduces the new standard in Builders Laser.  Traditionally if you wanted a simple to use laser level for general site levelling jobs outdoors, you would choose a rotating laser.  Now, however, there is a choice.  RedBack’s new Auto Levelling L360 range of line lasers and in particular the 1L360R+P.

1L360 360 line laser outdoor levelling package

1L360R+P full outdoor kit

With older technologies line lasers were either purely for indoor installation applications or for limited range jobs outside.  RedBack Lasers new generation of 360 degree line lasers and receivers changes this.

The RedBack 1L360R+P model features a full 360 degree horizontal line and comes with a superior LCD display laser line receiver.  This technology by RedBack Lasers provides a massive 300m Diameter range, making it ideal for most house block sites and beyond.  The 1L360R+P also comes with a Li-ion rechargeable battery which provides superior performance compared to Ni-Mh with up to 20 hours continuous use.  Another advantage over a basic rotating laser is that the 360 line laser has fewer moving parts, particularly, no rotating motor making it potentially more reliable over the long term.  Additionally the 360 line lasers feature Ultra Bright lines so for any indoor fit outs this technology is far brighter than a traditional rotating or line laser level.

For  builders and outdoor levelling the 1L360R+P is the ideal package featuring everything you need.  300m range laser, LL705 electronic LCD receiver with staff clamp, Li-ion Battery Pack and Charger, “AA” Battery holder. Heavy Duty tripod and 2.4m Staff.

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L360 Line Laser Range