What Type or Style of Laser Level is Right for You

There are a number of different styles of laser level available but what type of laser level is right for you. Each style has advantages and disadvantages for different applications, so, lets look a little deeper.

Broadly speaking there are indoor and outdoor laser levels.  Indoors lasers predominantly rely on the user visibly seeing the lase line or dot.  Outdoors you cannot reliably see any laser level over any great range due to output limitations.  So as a rule of thumb a laser level to be reliably used outdoors needs to have an electronic receiver to “see” the laser for you.  Outdoor laser levels can be of a rotating or line type as long as they have a receiver.

Here is a video with a basic introduction to Dot, Line & Rotating lasers, remember to check out the table below.

The table below provides a simple guide which can quickly direct you to the style of laser best suited to your needs.  Once you know which type or style of laser level you need to buy, click on the link button at the bottom of the table to see a range of laser levels that fit into your chosen category.

Line & Dot LasersLine Lasers with ReceiversRotating LasersRotating Grade Lasers
General Indoor Fit Out
General Outdoor Site Levelling
Drainage & Plumbing
Earth Moving & Civil Works
Site Layout/ Squaring
Electrical Installation
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Cross – Not suitable at all

1 to 3 stars – Partially suitable with some limitations

4 to 5 stars – Highly suitable