High intensity strobe lights. This is something that crops up once in a while and can slow you down.

Most of the time this is due to some high intensity strobe lights on plant such as earthmovers, backhoes and bobcats. It’s something that can effect pretty much every laser receiver out there and can only be resolved by working further away from that machinery or by switching off the strobe.

For the majority of laser receivers your standard rotating orange lights do not create any interference at all, it’s just limited to some of the newer high intensity ones.  Some strobes can even interfere when out of direct line of site they produce so much electromagnetic interference.

Another common problem is Reflections.

This can affect pretty much all laser receivers, in that not only can they pick up the original laser beam but also a reflected one of glass or other shiny surfaces.  Most of the time the reflected beam will happen to be a different height to the original, so the receiver may pick up two heights as being level.  To stop this potential problem is pretty easy, just make sure that when you set up the laser reflections cannot be bounced back to the receiver.  So for example if on site there is some large glass surfaces, make sure you set up the laser so that when you hold the receiver the glass is behind you and the receiver in this way any reflection cannot get to the receiver.  Some laser come with a quadrant beam shield function which can turn off segments of rotation again which will prevent this situation. (DGL2510Q)

Another source of potential interference when inside is faulting fluorescent lights.

This has come up a few times, many laser receivers will produce intermittent beeps (without even the laser turned on) inside close to a faulting fluorescent light, again this due to a pulsing interference. If you move away from the light all works well again.

Can you use a Rotating Receiver with a Line Laser?

No is the quick answer.  Rotating laser receivers are for rotating lasers and Line laser receivers are for line lasers and do not generally worth with each other.  Also note that just because you have a line laser does not automatically mean it will work with a line laser receiver either.  Line receivers require a pulsed line, some line laser levels have a pulse option and some do not.  If they do not have a pulse option then they will not work with a line receiver.

Can you use a Red Laser Receiver with a Green Laser?

This is a similar question to that of line and rotating receivers compatibility.  Again generally speaking a receiver designed for a red beam laser will not work correctly with a green beam laser.  Saying that though sometimes they will work but at a limited range.  The reason being is that the receivers are tuned to the particular laser colour, but if they are close enough then there may be enough power in the beam to make the wrong colour receiver work.

Can I use a different brand of receiver to the laser level?

Generally speaking yes you can.  As long as you match the type, Line or Rotating and colour, Red and Green.  There are some exceptions though, so its best to call first and ask.

Can I use a receiver to pick up a fixed laser dot?

The quick answer is no you cannot.  There is some specialised equipment out there that can achieve this but generally speaking with your every day dot lasers no a receiver cannot be used to pick up the dot.  If your dot is not bright enough to see then try laser enhancement glasses or a target or look at high power green dot lasers such as the D273G HERE.