RedBack OL28X Dumpy Level

Dumpy Levels Vs Laser Levels

Dumpy Levels V’s Laser Levels The Differences between a Dumpy Level and Laser Level In this post we shall look at the differences between Dumpy Levels and Lasers Levels.  The differences in how they level and operate and more. First …
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Top 5 Laser Level Questions FAQ

Laser Level Questions and FAQ Over the years we have had literally thousands of laser level questions, so here are 5 of the most popular. So here we go in no particular order, your laser level questions answered. Can I …
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Dumpy Level Focus RedBack

Buying an Optical / Dumpy Level

Dumpy Levels also known as Auto Levels or Optical Levels have been around a very long time and provide an accurate and reliable method of levelling. Dumpy Levels are auto levelling with the use of a wire suspended compensator that …
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