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Optical dumpy levels, or auto levels, are an older technology but they are still important levelling tools. They are used to establish or checkpoints in the same optical plane. They are often used for surveying and building to transfer, measure or set horizontal levels.

A dumpy level consists of a telescope mounted on a tripod. Since a levelling rod or staff is also required, it needs two people to operate, one to hold the rod and another look through the scope and read off heights from a crosshair in the viewfinder.

Very old dumpy levels were manually levelling using a spirit level.  These required more operator skill to get accurate readings.  All RedBack models are automatically self-levelling. Once the operator has roughly adjusted the bubble vial into the auto levelling range, the system will self-level. It’s then simply a matter of looking through the scope at the staff being held by the second person and reading of the level. Auto levels are much easier to use and quicker to set up.

These levels can be used to determine:

  • The height of a particular point
  • If you need to dig further or backfill
  • Differences in heights between points
  • Contours of a land profile
  • Data for road cross-sections
  • Volume for earthworks
  • Levelling surfaces
  • Setting inclined surfaces

A RedBack dumpy level is built to withstand anything the worksite can throw at it and comes with a two-year manufacturers warranty. It features fine rotation adjustment, distance estimation, angle estimation and adjustable eyepiece for the crosshair.

All levels and lasers have been checked and calibrated by our expert technicians and come with a free certificate of calibration. We also offer repair and calibration services on all Redback lasers and a range of other laser brands.

Besides dumpy levels, we offer a range of other laser levels for sale including plumbers lasers, pipe lasers, green line lasers, rotary laser levels, cross line lasers, tile lasers, alignment lasers, construction lasers, plumb lasers and more.

If you’re looking for a particular laser level or you’re not sure which laser you need, give us a call on 1800 769 858. Our expert team is ready to answer any questions and help you find the laser that’s right for you.

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