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Pipe lasers are designed specifically for laying pipes at a particular grade. These lasers are often placed inside or on top of a pipe or on a tripod at the end of a pipe. Pipe lasers produce a powerful laser dot, which is visible on a target plate mounted in a holder.

RedBack’s range of lasers are extremely tough and built for professional worksite use. They feature a cast steel safety cage chassis and tough weather-proof housing and come with RedBack’s two-year warranty.

Both models come with two heavy duty adjustable laser targets and holder, high capacity NiMH rechargeable battery and charger and multiple feet sets for different pipe diameters.

Both lasers have a large LCD display with an easy to read high-contrast readout. The grade can be digitally set to +40.000% or –20.000% via control panel itself or from the included remote control. Other features include electronic self leveling and auto centering.

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RedBack Lasers PL650 Pipe Laser Grade Slope plumbers Laser
Civil Construction
class 3r Red <5mW laser
Grade & Drainage
RedBack Laser PL650G Green Beam Pipe Laser plumbers laser
Civil Construction
class 3r Green <5mW Laser
Grade & Drainage
Pipe Grade Laser - Red class3r Laser - -20% to +40% Digital Grade - Red Targets & Holder - Ni-mh Rechargeable Power - Remote Control Pipe Grade Laser - Green class3r Laser - -20% to +40% Digital Grade - Green Targets & Holder - Ni-mh Rechargeable Power - Remote Control
$3,799.00 inc GST
$3,999.00 inc GST
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Red or Green Pipe Lasers?

RedBack pipe lasers are available in either red (the PL650) or green (the PL650G) laser outputs. Both lasers have the same <5mW class 3 power output. The green PL650G has a marginally smaller dot making it slightly more defined on the target plate.

The red PL650 has a higher operating temperature range (up to 40°C) compared to the green PL650G (up to 35°C), so for worksites with high operating temperatures we would recommend the red PL650.

Whichever laser you purchase you will be getting the same heavy-duty construction and professional-quality performance.

All lasers have been checked and calibrated by our expert technicians and come with a free certificate of calibration.

Besides pipe lasers, we offer a range of other laser levels for sale including plumbers lasers, dumpy levels, rotary laser levels, cross line lasers, tile lasers, green laser levels, construction lasers, and more.

We also provide repair and calibration services for all RedBack lasers and most other laser brands.

If you’re looking for a particular laser level or you’re not sure which one you need, give us a call on 1800 769 858. Our expert team is ready to answer any questions and help you find the laser that’s right for you.

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