RedBack Lasers Pipe Laser Range

Pipe laying lasers are designed specifically for laying pipes at a particular grade.  Often placed inside or on top of a pipe and some sometimes on a tripod at the end of a pipe.  Pipe lasers produce a powerful laser dot which is visibly seen on a target plate mounted in a holder.

RedBack Lasers pipe grading lasers are extremely tough with heavy cast metal weather proof casing.  Both models come with laser targets and holder, high capacity Ni-mh rechargeable battery, Interchangeable feet to locate the laser in the center of numerous sizes of pipe .  Grade can be set on the control panel itself or the included remote control.  The lasers have a large LCD display with extremely easy to read high contrast readout.  Grade can be set digitally to +40.000% and – 20.000%.

PL650 PL650G
Pipe Grade Laser - Red class3r Laser - -20% to +40% Digital Grade - Red Targets & Holder - Ni-mh Rechargeable Power - Remote Control Pipe Grade Laser - Green class3r Laser - -20% to +40% Digital Grade - Green Targets & Holder - Ni-mh Rechargeable Power - Remote Control
$3,999.00 inc GST
$4,199.00 inc GST
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Red or Green Pipe Lasers?

RedBack Lasers have two models the PL650 and PL650G the only difference being the colour of the laser output and laser targets, Red or Green.  Both lasers have the same power output of <5mW class 3.  The PL650G has a marginally smaller dot making it slightly more defined on the target plate.  The Red PL650 has a higher operating temperature range (up to +40°) compared to the Green PL650G (up to +35°), so in extremely high operating temperature regions we would recommend the red.

Whichever laser you purchase you will be getting the same heavy duty construction.  Full cast metal housing top and bottom and fully weather sealed.  Large, high contrast LCD display and remote control makes setting grade easy.