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Plumb lasers, or dot or cross line lasers, project laser points either vertically, horizontally or at right angles. They are used for transferring points from one surface to another, allowing the user to set plumb lines or right angles. They are designed to create easy up and down reference points to work from. They are most commonly used for electrical work, HVAC, and framing applications, but have a range of other uses.

Plumb lasers are ideal for electricians for downlight installation and wiring and conduit installation. They’re also great for carpenters and framers for setting the vertical alignment, levelling flat surfaces and setting 90° angles. Masons and bricklayers can use these laser levels to align bricks and square up batter boards, while fencers can use them to set posts and pickets.

We offer a wide range of plumb lasers and alignment lasers levels for sale including green line lasers, rotary laser levels, automatic site layout lasers, 360-degree line lasers, multi-line indoor and outdoor lasers and more.

All our lasers are built RedBack tough and feature a cast metal safety cage chassis with a heavy-duty, rubberised, weatherproof housing. All models come with RedBack’s two-year or five-year warranty.

All lasers have been checked and calibrated by our expert technicians and come with a free certificate of calibration. We also offer repair and calibration services on all Redback lasers and a range of other laser brands.

Our complete range is available online or instore through our Australia-wide network of suppliers. Besides plumb lasers, we also supply dumpy levels, plumbers lasers, pipe lasers, tile lasers, construction lasers and more.

If you’re looking for a particular laser level or you’re not sure which laser you need, give us a call on 1800 769 858. Our expert team is ready to answer any questions and help you find the laser level that’s right for you.

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