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    The RedBack CXR880 is a very unique laser as it incorporates a rotating laser and line lasers in the verticals. The receiver that comes with this model is the LRMULTI which can pick up either rotating or line lasers but it needs to be switched to receiver either the rotating beam or the line beams. To switch between modes first press the power button on the receiver to power it up. The colour of the power light indicates which mode it is currently set to. GREEN for rotating beam and RED for Line lasers. To switch between modes press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until it beeps and the colour of the LED light changes. Press again for 3 seconds for the receiver to switch back to the other mode once again.

    One more thing to note is the the laser level needs to be set to pulse mode for the laser receiver to pick up the lines (even if set to line mode). To set the laser into pulsed line mode press and for 3 seconds the Vy/P button top left. The LED light comes on red to indicate the lines are now in pulse mode. When pulse mode is disabled and the light goes out they become more intense for indoor visible work.

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